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With an up-and-down sawing motion, rub this very sensitive spot to stimulate and relax her muscles. Communicate with your lover, and stop if she says it hurts. Find a rhythm that works, and use it to take your lover all the way to climax.

If she finds it too strange, you can exit and go again with a bit more lube until she starts to get urb to the feelingt. If she remembers to, it will help you to memorize which spots are her favorites. During anal fingering, use plenty of silicone-based lubricant. Go slowly and gently, using your smaller finger first and building your way up to your middle finger.

Anal rub Lesbian

This allows your lover to feel the your fingers stimulate indirectly her G-spot and maybe even the back of her deep spot. Just remain still, applying pressure, and wait. Press along the outer edge of the rectum with your finger, stopping to make small circles at each hour. Add extra lube to make her good and slick, and to prepare for entering her rear passage.

Stop at this point and let her adjust to this new and different sensation. You will also be increasing the physical and emotional intimacy between you and your lover. In the same way that you can explore the vulva and the clitoris, beyond the second anal sphincter lies a space which you can explore in this same roundabout way. As you can imagine, all of these anal fingering techniques are very pleasurable for her.

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How to Have Amazing Sex With Lesblan Woman aims to help bi-curious, bisexual, and lesbian women take their sex lives to another level. Then tell her to breathe deeply, to relax and to focus on contracting and releasing her pelvic floor muscles, particularly those in her anus. My book Lesbian Sex Secrets: You can also place the pad of your thumb on her clitoris, and rock this second hand back and forth, thereby stimulating her entire labia. You can start to make "come hither" motions with your finger immediately, or you can wait until your other hand is in position.

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