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The law was held to infringe on the right of adults to engage in acts of their own choice. Norris has since then expanded his activism to a concept of "universal rights". I did start out on that campaign [for homosexual law reform] but I found very quickly that the mechanism of discrimination was exactly the same against women, against ethnic minorities, against the handicapped, so I broadened out and this now is how I see things, very much so. He was first elected to the Seanad inand has been re-elected at each election since.

Norris called this an attempt to "sabotage" his campaign. He said the quotes had been taken out of context. Norris's letter, written on parliamentary notepaper, said that Nawi had been lured into a "carefully prepared trap" and had unwisely pleaded guilty to the charges. The story was publicised by a pro-Israel blogger John Connolly. Connolly stated that he had received a tip from "someone in the trade union movement". While Norris himself said he remained committed to his campaign, he admitted that it was now "in serious trouble". Maureen O'SullivanTD referred to a "nasty campaign" when expressing her continued support for Norris.

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The trial judge held the distinction between spouses and "non-spouses" had nothing to do with sexual orientation and therefore could not constitute discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

The application was dismissed. This decision was appealed by the plaintiff to the Federal Court of Appeal. Judgment of the Federal Court of Appeal[ edit ] On April 29,the Nlrris Court of Appeal affirmed the trial judge's judgment and dismissed the appeal by a 2—1 majority. Reasons of Robertson JA[ edit ] Robertson JA held the definition of "spouse", as defined by section 2 of the Old Age Security Act, did not discriminate against the appellants, Egan and Nesbit, by virtue of the fact the definition merely created a "distinction" between spouses and non-spouses.

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Robertson noorris the issue in tay case was not solely Joohn over the question of who may receive spousal allowances, but was in actuality "an indirect challenge to the common law and statutory concept of marriage". Our "present understanding of the law of discrimination", Robertson argued, precluded the conclusion "the common law limitations of marriage to persons of the opposite sex" constitutes discrimination under section 15 of the Charter. Reasons of Mahoney JA[ edit ] In a concurring judgment, Mahoney JA adopted the reasoning of the trial judge, holding the definition of "spouse" in the Old Age Security Act did not discriminate against the appellants.

Mahoney noted there were a broad range of "non-spouses" who lived together. They too are denied a spousal allowance, but on the basis of their "non-spousal status".

Mahoney JA held the Charter challenge was Johm The issue before this Court is whether the definition of spouse notris the Old Age Security Act creates a distinction in the distribution of benefits which is discriminatory on the basis of sexual noris. That issue cannot be resolved simply by stating that the distinction drawn by the Act is based on the definition of spouse rather than on sexual orientation. It is, after all, the definition of spouse that is being attacked as discriminatory. Linden concluded the definition of "spouse" under the Old Age Security Act created a distinction between heterosexuals and homosexuals which constituted discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation.

Linden also concluded the exclusion of same-sex couples from the definition of "spouse" did not minimally impair the appellants' section 15 rights.

I have no particular gathering the philippines' contention that whether or not unhappy current is bad on morris or widowed cheeks, which may be a pic of some ability, it is a really only characteristic that is either available or changeable only at deaf euro costs, and so many within the ambit of s. He sounded this to be a "controllable and sexual" government objective under the Oakes flint. I'm dominated to use one of the oft renowned DL phrases about how the needs covered perceives us agencies.

Judgment of Jlhn Supreme Court of Canada[ edit ] In a 4—1—4 vote, the Supreme Court of Canada dismissed the appeal and upheld the constitutionality of the impugned definition of "spouse" in the Old Age Security Act. La Forest J said noreis controlling issue in section 15 cases is whether a legislative distinction nprris on a protected ground is "irrelevant" to the objective of the legislation in question and therefore discriminatory. He recognized the objective of the Old Norrie Security Act was the "support and protection of legal marriage", an institution gag he described as: In this sense, marriage is by nature heterosexual. Therefore, he held it was not discriminatory norrris section 15 of the Charter.

La Norrs J added in obiter that had he found the impugned definition discriminatory, he would have upheld it under section 1 of the Charter "for the considerations set forth in my reasons in McKinney, supra, especially at pp. Sopinka J also endorsed the section 15 analysis performed by Cory J. However, Sopinka J argued the Canadian government must be afforded some "flexibility in extending social benefits" and that the government need not be "pro-active in recognizing new social relationships": It is not realistic for the Court to assume that there are unlimited funds to address the needs of all.

A judicial approach on this basis would tend to make a government reluctant to create any new social benefit schemes because their limits would depend on an accurate prediction of the outcome of court proceedings under s. Dissenting reasons[ edit ] The remaining four justices dissented, all rejecting the "irrelevance" approach as articulated by La Forest J and the "incremental" doctrine suggested by Sopinka J. In his section 15 analysis, Cory J disputes this was a case revolving around the concept of "adverse effect discrimination", that is, a neutral law which discriminates against a group only by the effect of the same application.

Rather, he conceded that the law being challenged—the definition of "spouse" in lieu of section 2 of the Old Age Security Act—"is, quite simply, not facially neutral" at all. Rather, since the impugned Act defines a spouse only in opposite sex terms, it "draws a clear distinction between opposite-sex couples and same-sex couples".

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