Jewish turkey breast

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Turkey Breast with Herb and Pecan Nut Stuffing

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If you purchase a bone-in piece, try to get a larger size knowing that the weight will drop once the bone is removed. A whole turkey is the star of any holiday table, but it can be a little intimidating to take on. The result- maximum juiciness. To make this recipe even more straightforward to prepare, all you need is five ingredients. Lightly season both sides with salt and pepper. For maximum flavor, I loosen the skin of the turkey breast and rub a mixture of butter, salt, and chopped thyme on top.

You can also create a homemade gravy from the pan drippings. Just like with my roasted chicken recipe, make sure to keep the skin on! The meat is cooked to perfection and is well seasoned with the herbs and spices. Smaller portions can be used, however, reduce the cooking time at the low-temperature setting, checking with a thermometer for the right doneness temperature.

Breast Jewish turkey

The breast can also be brined beforehand for added moisture and flavor. The best way to achieve crispy golden skin and moist meat is to employ high and then low-temperature roasting conditions. Instead, why not make a roast turkey breast to satisfy those tryptophan induced cravings, without all the fuss. Use paper towels to dry the skin. The proteins relax in the cooked meat, which allows for some of the expelled moisture to move back into dissolved proteins. The least amount of moisture on the surface allows for quick browning and ultimate crispiness.

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