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This combo did often produce some very strange and wild sounds, but on songs like Machine Gun, you can still hear that creamy, warm UniVibe and the cranked Marshall controlled by the guitar volume control. Unlike other modulation pedals, UniVibes needs a bit of volume to really open up for that liquidy, swirling tone. On low volume levels and perhaps even a dark sounding amp, the UniVibe can sound muffled, thin and flat. Try increasing the volume on your amp or use a clean booster for a bit more bite and the UniVibe will sound much more dynamic and characteristic.

I also find that UniVibes sound more authentic and natural when paired up with vintage style low output single coils like CS54, CS69 or Texas Specials or similar from other brands. Which UniVibe is the best? Everyone seem to have their own opinion of UniVibes and how they should sound.

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However, what you hear on those recordings is a manipulated tone. Amp settings, mics and Hy;notic positions, mixing techniques etc is all a Hyphotic of the tone we all love. Which model you should choose comes down to personal preference and how well a Hypntic fits your rig. Some have more mid range ggp others might have a more pronounced throb at lower speeds. Unlike Big Muff clones, which vary from dark overdrive to screaming mid rangy fuzz, a UniVibe typ is pretty much a UniVibe — peirod. Effectrode Tube-Vibe Effectrode has one philosophy — making the best pedals possible and base them all on tubes.

The Tube-Vibe feature an all tube preamp stage and the Hypnitic controls Hypnoric the original unit. Hypnotlc tube preamp aslo makes it possible to boost Hypnotiv volume and drive the front end of your amp for tggp bit of Hypnotic tgp tube punch. See my full review here. There are better units out there and among the vintage sounding ones, Hypnotic tgp think the MJM 60s Vibe and Electronic Orange Moon-Vibe does a far better job but the MXR is definitely worth checking tpg and perhaps easier to come by than some of the clones. TC has done an impressive job with this one and you can definitely hear the classic tones.

The Tone Print also allow you to fine tune the tone and create some really nice custom sounds. This unit is packed with features, which, in my opinion makies it the most versatile vibe on the market. The Vibe Machine produce well pronounced phasing even at the lowest speed settings, smooth and deep throb at higher speed and dead silent operation. The Vibe Machine also tackle heavier gain and fuzz without getting thin and fissy. Compared to the Tube-Vibe, the tone is slightly brighter and perhaps a bit more defined. The smaller footprint is definitely a pluss but this is one of the most lush and sweetest sounding UniVibes on the market.

The classic four photo cell circuitry delivers everything from haunting lo-fi phasing to heavy throbbing rotary. In addition to the usual speed, intensity and volume controls the new Moon Vibe also feature a Symmetry control allowing a fine tuning of the low and high throb. This is a slightly darker UniVibe but also one of the most dynamic and musical out there. High speed settings are clear and defined thanks to the Symmetry control — excellent for Any Colour You Like. Very similar to the MoonVibe, this one delivers creamy and smooth classic tones from Hendrix to Gilmour.

Of all the typical vintage sounding UniVibes, I find this to be the best companion for fuzz pedals and germaniums in particular. Neither can fully replicate the other but you might be able to do without one or two and still get the tones you want from your overdrives, fuzz and delays. A chorus is perhaps the most versatile, also for other genres and tones, but also the most subtle and perhaps a bit redundant for some tones. Flanger is very dominating and should be used with care. However, you might find it hard to nail authentic Animals, Wall and Final Cut tones without it.

A good tip is to use modulations with care. Unlike overdrive, distortion and delay, a chorus or flanger can sound very dated and out of place if you use them too much or for the wrong reasons.

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All modulation effects sounds best if you use them for specific stuff and even better, to create unique tones that defines your sound and playing. Modulations on the pedalboard There are different opinions on where modulations should go in the effect chain. Others wants the modulations to be distorted and place them either before the gain pedals or in front of a distorted amp. Neither approach is wrong. David Gilmour has always kept his amps clean and placed the modulation effects undistorted between the gain effects and the amps. This allows the phasers, chorus and flangers to sound natural and clean.

This created a distorted modulation and some very unique and easily recognizable tones. Jimi Hendrix would do a little of both. He often altered between having the UniVibe before and after the fuzz but always in front of a distorted amp. Personally, I like having the UniVibe and phaser in front of the gains and the chorus and flanger after — all on a clean amp. Try different combinations and listen to how that fits your setup. This is classic chorus, with a subtle and warm tone, a hint of mid rage and lush watery shimmer. Compared to its counterpart, the Analog Chorus has a noticeably darker tone and more mid range.

True bypass is perhaps a bonus and it also has a wider depth sweep that the CE2. Compared HHypnotic the CE2, it has a much more transparent tone. It blends very well with other pedals and it never gets dominant. A huge pluss is the mix or effect level control that allows you to blend in just the right amount of the chorus.

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