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Herbs to dry up breast milk There is not a lot of information about the safety of using herbs to dry up breast milk. Sage, peppermint and parsley are thought to help reduce milk supply The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding explains: One or two doses of over-the-counter pseudoephedrine ask the pharmacist for brands may also help things along. Every little bit of breast milk you can give your baby has benefits. You may find that once you have cut back on breastfeeding a little you are happy to carry on with your favourite feed e. But there are some reasons and issues that can be resolved without the need to stop breastfeeding. Overcoming some common breastfeeding issues Pain and discomfort Pain during feeding is usually down to incorrect positioning and attachment.

Often, just a small adjustment to how you hold and attach your baby can really improve any discomfort. You should speak to your health professional or your local breastfeeding support centre and get help if you feel that your discomfort is down to poor latch or positioning. If you do still have some discomfort especially with sore or cracked nipples, there are also some breastfeeding products which can help. Baby not getting enough milk or is losing weight If you are worried about your baby not getting enough milk or they are losing weight you should seek guidance from your health professional or your local breastfeeding support centre.

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They will be able to advise you on the rbeast course of action and of will of course help to put your mind at ease. Time pressures or returning to work Babies often like to breastfeed for comfort, this is great for bonding but not so great when you want to get other things done! Try to comfort your baby in other ways, gradually replacing extended sessions of breastfeeding with other activities like reading, singing or any other kind of baby playtime which your baby enjoys. A good breast pump is worth its weight in gold and will enable you to become far more independent. Instead, try pumping for minutes, or until any pain has gone. Women who are weaning their baby can give this pumped milk to the infant at a later feeding session.

This pumped milk means that a woman will not have to breast-feed the baby at the later session, which will help the woman's milk supply shrink faster. Manage engorgement If pumping for a few minutes does not help, breast-feeding women can find other ways to manage discomfort. Both pumping and breast-feeding can increase the supply of breast milk, which may prolong discomfort and slow the weaning process. Some strategies that may reduce discomfort include: Applying cabbage leaves to the breast. Chilling the leaves may help with swelling. Applying warm compresses to the breasts before feeding, or taking a hot bath.

Applying cold compresses such as bags of frozen peas after feeding. Discussing birth control pills with a doctor. Some women find that taking birth control reduces breast milk supply, which reduces the discomfort of weaning.

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Hpw Massaging the breasts to reduce the risk of plugged ducts. Wearing a supportive bra, as the breasts may feel heavier. Tight brfast and binding can make pain worse and may even cause a breast infection. Know the signs of trouble Weaning can be stressful but is rarely dangerous. The two primary risks of weaning are a breast infection and malnourishment in the baby. Some mothers develop depression or anxietyand some infants struggle to soothe themselves without breast-feeding. Contact a doctor if: Comfort the infant Breast milk is more than a source of nutrition.

Apr 19, Photo: Just a few days breadt getting back to work, I came down with a fever: Other symptoms can include breast engorgement and malaise. On my first weekend as a working mom, I wanted to be spending time with my family. Instead, I was in bed on antibiotics.

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