Hot lingerie bridal shower invites

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Lingerie Bridal Shower Invitations

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When planning your lingerie shower, be sure that the bride is comfortable with this type of shower, and make sure you ask before listing her measurements on the invitation for all guests to see. If you're looking to make your guests blush, choose from nighty lingerie shower invitations, sultry lingerie shower invitations, corset lingerie shower invitations, bra lingerie shower invitations or animal print lingerie shower invitations. For starters, you should only invite women, especially if you're going to ask everyone to show up in their favorite night time apparel.

The theme, activities, and gifts are not necessarily going to be kid-friendly. Check out our collection of general bridal shower invitations. You should not invite anyone under 18 either. Choose from a variety of linen and lingerie shower invites that coordinate with the bride's unique personality be it sweet and delicate or wild, sexy and sassy! You could also break your guests into small groups, give them a bunch of magazines, and some poster board, then let them create their own pieces of decoration.

Obviously, lingerie showers should be held in a private home not in a restaurant or party room. Hkt sure to have other luxurious treats handy, too. If you want to make the bride-to-be the center of one of the games, you could play another game but it does require some planning. You'll need to sneak into her bedroom before the shower and borrow a few pieces of her lingerie then mix it in with some items from your own and other friend's collections.

Invites shower Hot bridal lingerie

To make the area festive, your decorations should remind guests of the theme. Add a little spice to the bedroom on and after her wedding night with a personal lingeriee honoring the modern bride-to-be. Of course, if you don't want to go too heavy on the sweets, you can also throw in some traditional sleepover treats: Because lingerie bridal showers are a popular trend, you can find card stock paper in a variety of styles that would be ideal for these bridal shower invitations. As prizes, you could have gift certificates to lingerie stores, body creams and perfumes, or more "adult" items depending on your guests.

Cheesecake is another good choice because it's rich and decadent.

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