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For an extensive review of factors that influence estrogen levels in postmenopausal women and that may impact breast cancer development, see Ref. Tumor Receptor Status Expression and function of the ER, PR, and human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 HER-2 appear to be linked in many breast cancers, and their expression alone or together has implications for antiestrogen therapy and breast cancer outcomes There have been a number of studies to determine whether these receptors may be of particular importance for obese patients, and the results indicate a complex picture of interdependence between the receptors that may depend on premenopausal vs.

Most clinical assays recognize both forms of the PR and will be referred to as PR for the purposes of this discussion. HER-2 is a growth factor receptor that plays a role in regulating cell proliferation and is associated with aggressive types of breast cancer. The combination of increasing levels of HER-2 and PR was directly correlated with BMI in postmenopausal women but inversely correlated in premenopausal women Expression of the ER and PR may be most important during early stages of tumor development, but not in later development.

In addition, patients who are lymph node positive, i. This illustrates the complex interplay between these receptors. Estrogen and Weight Reduction Weight loss through either caloric restriction or gastric bypass surgery has been shown to lead to a reduction in circulating estrogens, although the relationship of the amount of weight lost to reductions in serum estrogens was not always proportional. This was not significant in women 50—65 yr of age, but there was a significant increase in SHBG A study of women with a mean age of Younger women with a mean age of Because many breast tumors in postmenopausal women are dependent on estrogen for growth, it seems likely that weight loss and the concomitant reduction in estrogen levels should lead to a reduction in breast tumor growth.

Preclinical Studies In agreement with human studies, an increased incidence of spontaneous and chemically induced mammary tumors has been reported for obese and overweight rodents 8788899091 Additional studies have shown leanness to protect dogs from spontaneous mammary development 93whereas overweight is associated with an increased canine mammary tumor incidence In more recent studies, the effect of body weight on the development of mammary tumors in several transgenic mouse strains has been determined. There are few reports of the direct effect of estrogen in relationship to obesity and mammary tumor development in preclinical models. There is one paper published in that reported that when ovariectomized C3H mice, a strain of mice with a high incidence of spontaneous mammary tumors, were made obese by gold thioglucose injections, they had a decreased incidence of spontaneous mammary tumors, i.

Interestingly, no tumors appeared in normal weight ovariectomized mice, which was interpreted that there was a direct effect of caloric intake or obesity per se independent of estrogen on mammary tumor development. This study produced surprising results because we found in the first experiment that estrogen supplementation in ovariectomized obese mice resulted in no tumors being detected. Obesity-Related Factors that May Interact with Estrogen to Impact Breast Cancer Obesity is associated with a number of additional circulating factors that may work independently as well as in concert with estrogen to impact breast cancer development. Most of the supporting evidence for these interactions results from in vitro studies in relationship to the ER status of human breast cancer cell lines.

For example, insulin and IGF-I have had various effects on estrogen signaling in breast cancer cell lines, as reviewed in Ref. Of further interest, addition of adiponectin to different human breast cancer cell lines inhibited proliferation, This suggests an estrogen and adiponectin interaction. Adiponectin may also enhance aspects of apoptosis signaling in breast cancer cells, although one study showed no role of apoptosis in the inhibitory effect of adiponectin on TD cell proliferation Conclusions It is now well established that obesity is a risk factor for postmenopausal breast cancer, particularly the development of hormone-responsive tumors.

Elevated circulating estrogen levels as well as local production of this hormone have been implicated as a primary growth factor in this relationship. In addition, adipokines directly synthesized in adipose tissue may influence mammary tumorigenesis by impacting both circulating and locally produced levels of these proteins. Prevention of adult-onset obesity should be a major public health goal to delay or prevent some kinds of breast cancer. Komen for the Cure K to M.

The authors have nothing to declare. First Published Online April 16, Abbreviations: References Cleary MP, Maihle NJ The role of body mass index in the relative risk caner developing premenopausal versus postmenopausal breast cancer. Proc Soc Exp Biol Med womwn Am J Epidemiol Cancer Causes Control This higher risk is because fat cells make estrogen; extra fat cells mean more estrogen in the body, and estrogen can make hormone-receptor-positive breast cancers develop and grow. Still, the link between extra weight and breast cancer is complicated and affected by other factors. For example, the location of the extra weight matters.

Steps you can take Losing weight can be harder as you get older, but it can be done with careful changes to your diet and regular exercise. The first thing to do is to talk to your doctor about a healthy weight for you based on your age, height, body type, and activity level. Do you need to count calories?

Fat breast women Helps with cancer

This plan works for many people, but not all. Say Jane eats wojen, calories a day of cake, cookies and white bread. Betty eats 1, calories a day of fresh vegetables and fruit and lean protein. Counting calories is brast part of the weight loss equation. And counting calories is only one way Hellps lose weight. Because the hormone insulin plays a major role in how your brreast uses and stores fat, some research suggests that eating foods that keep insulin levels steady throughout the day Help lean meat and fish, poultry, vegetables, and fruit -- rather than foods like sugar, candy, white bread and crackers — can help you maintain a healthy weight.

Sometimes success can depend on how you think about losing weight: Here are just a few examples. MOCHA includes a number of features aimed at helping women make healthy lifestyle choices about exercise, food, and sleep. Women can enter the type, amount, and intensity level of their exercise activities, as well as keep a food diary and use the app to see nutritional information about the food. MOCHA also can synchronize with a Fitbit account to automatically track steps per day and calories burned. The pilot study on MOCHA included 33 women diagnosed with early-stage breast cancer who were not on active treatment — meaning they were not receiving chemotherapy or radiation therapy, but may have been taking hormonal therapy.

The women ranged in age from 35 to 78 years. Many of them had other health problems: At the end of 4 weeks, the women provided feedback on using MOCHA and also told the researchers their weight.

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