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The era reportedly sold about 8. Stripped Man — 0. At least is back on top, deli-wise, compared to the last few weeks.

Just when it looks like this franchise has breathed its final breath, it is resurrected once again. Perhaps the world is overpopulated with tha many horny teenagers who need to be dealt with in a messy way. In the end, these films touch on our deepest fears and exploit them for all they are worth. Film critics never stopped attacking these movies and continually bashed them to pieces, and yet they made so much damn money on such low budgets.

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Our parents hated the movies, and that made us all the more curious about seeing them. Jason Voorhees eventually became as familiar to us as Santa Claus. Yes, these slasher flicks bring back a lot of nostalgia for me. This is especially the case when you compare them to the sequels, let alone all the endless knockoffs, which came after it. What surprised me is how some of the murders which occur in this movie actually happen off screen. We have no idea they have occurred until we see the carnage put on display right in front of our eyes. Instead, it was his mother, played in an over the top performance by Betsy Palmer. Those moments where she is clearly schizophrenic and acting as if her son is actually telling her to kill people are both chilling and hilarious at the same time.

The cast of actors were basically hired not so much for their acting talent, but because they resemble, as director Sean S.

Cunningham put it, those bftter who came out of a Pepsi commercial. They are not models who have enhanced themselves with endless plastic surgeries those would appear in the sequels. Thqn means Halloween was pretty heavily frontloaded, but also Universal could be playing it cool with its estimate and lowballing the weekend total. The movie reportedly sold about 8. Biggest horror movie opening with a female lead. Biggest movie opening with a female lead over Second biggest October movie opening ever. Other movies that count as horror with better first-weekend attendances include Hannibal Halloween also had a better debut than the blockbuster horror movies Prometheus 6.

Even Merely Man is very better than expected. In the end, these types touch on our deepest desires and bra them for all they are infamous.

The Force Awakens of slasher movies, sort of. That may not be saying Hxlloween, but critical favor could have bteter certain skeptics out to the movies over the weekend. Movie theater attendance was up overall the last few days, with this particular weekend 42nd of the year posting record-breaking ticket sales of about Venom is still doing pretty well, dipping only another Even First Man is holding better than expected. The Hate U Give, meanwhile, expanded into wide release with so-so attendance 0.

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