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Yet Hayley Mills was also a leading earner for the studio. During this period, she regularly appeared on lists of the most popular female screen actors on both sides of the Atlantic. In nufe, she was the most popular star overall at the US box office. Mills was on the receiving end of a tidal wave of fan adoration: Evidence from her recent public appearances, and from extensive video tributes and comments on YouTube, suggests that this fandom continues today — albeit, of course, with a strong element of nostalgia. She had a somewhat more adult part in the Disney mystery film The Moon-Spinnersalthough her most successful later role was in the comedy That Darn Cat!

However, Mills also had a kind of parallel career in British films, often made with her parents.

Miplsshe co-starred with her father in the melodrama The Chalk Garden, and did so again in the comic adventure The Truth About Springmade for Universal Studios. Towards the end of this period, Mills was beginning to mlils out of her role as a child star — and that pots was effectively put to Hqley end when she appeared in a modest but much-discussed nude scene in jills British comedy The Family Wayat the age of twenty. Understanding Child Stardom Of course, there is a long history of child stardom, that Hzley be mipls back well beyond the advent of Haley mills nude posts. Inevitably, there are significant variations here — not least in terms of how successfully these mjlls make the transition from child mjlls adult roles.

Yet broadly speaking, child stars function in two principal ways: Thus, like other stars, child stars have an economic function for the film industry. Stars are bankable, in a way that relatively few directors or screenwriters are; although the economic and legal position of child stars as paid employees is often complex. Meanwhile, stardom can also prove difficult for the industry to handle, not least because stars live off-screen lives that can sometimes conflict with the roles they play on screen. Considerable work goes into managing public perceptions of these off-screen lives, on the part of publicists, agents and studio executives.

At the same time, child stars also function as representations of childhood itself. They perform particular versions of childhood, and thereby embody assumptions about what children and, by extension, adults are, or ought to be. These actors are children, but they are also playing the role of children: Again, there is a good deal of diversity here: While this is certainly apparent within a good deal of Hollywood cinema, it has a longer history in the Romantic view of childhood, expressed for example in nineteenth century literature and painting Wordsworth, Dickens, the pre-Raphaelites….

In her book Precocious Charms, the critic Gaylyn Studlar has explored these representations of childhood in the films of six leading Hollywood child stars, including Pickford and Temple, as well as actors such as Deanna Durbin and Jennifer Jones, who are less well remembered today. In performing childhood, she argues, these child stars also mark out the boundaries between childhood and adulthood, and the relationships between them. Indeed, the child is often seen to have something to teach adults: In these films, the child is innocent, and yet somehow intuitively knows and speaks the truth — even if that truth is something that adults seek to deny.

She obtained to struggle with natural and whatnot image generations, first in the senior of over-eating, and then in the group of bulimia. Whilst — and especially in the government of catching stars — the doctrine of sexuality is not a key role of tension.

The child is a peacemaker or a healer, with the power to make adults better people. Like some kind of sticky emotional glue, it has a unique ability to reunite or reassemble the family, and in some cases the wider community as well. One aspect that is especially striking here is the preponderance of sick and orphaned children in these films. These vulnerable children typically evoke or re-awaken feelings of pity and affection, and a hidden wish to care and protect; and this is especially notable among potential father-figures, who thereby become more human and domesticated, and can be integrated back into the family.

Today, she's a living American icon, just as much of a Disney luminary as Mouseketeer Annette Funicello or animated heroines Ariel or Belle. Ever since she catapulted to international stardom by playing identical twins Susan and Sharon McKendrick in Disney's blockbuster The Parent Trap, Mills has been a household name.

But child and teen Haleg only represented the beginning milld Mills' career, which has spanned over 60 years … and has encompassed a fair amount of decidedly un-Pollyannaish scandal, to boot. Read on to find out why Haley mills nude posts of Mickey Mouse's most cherished sweethearts is psots more than just the sum of her most iconic roles. A year-old girl and a year-old man fall in love Getty Images The year was a scandalous one for Mills. The affair made jaws drop, not only because of the couple's 33 year age differencebut also because Boulting was married with children.

Ironically, Mills had been offered the role of Lolita in Stanley Kubrick's adaptation of Vladimir Nabokov's novel several years earlier, but was encouraged to turn it down lest it effect her Disney image. Sounds like her new relationship may have been a Disney-fuelled rebellion. Mills, however, didn't see their age difference as an issue at the time. She and Lawson had a son, Jason, and then they split in A few years later, Mills, who had once undergone such scrutiny for wedding a man 33 years her senior, turned the tables: While starring in a production of the play The King and I, she met Indian-American actor Firdous Bamji, who is 20 years her junior.

The two wed inand, over two decades later, the marriage is still going strong. Interestingly, Mills' actress sister, Juliet, also has a partner who's 18 years her junior; the two have been married for close to 40 years now. Maybe May-December romances run in the family? Bamji is known for his theater and film work, which includes appearances in 's The Sixth Sense and 's Unbreakable; he and Mills presently divide their time between New York and London. She struggled with bulimia Getty Images Even though Hayley Mills was almost universally adored by the s, stardom was not easy for her — particularly as she began to age out of the little-girlish pluckiness of her early teens.

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In the wake of her success in The Parent Trap, she became besieged by all the normal doubts of adolescence — but the pressures of fame exacerbated them. She began to struggle with weight and body image issues, first in the form of over-eating, and then in the form of bulimia. So you start to throw up, basically. And you just get more and more insecure about yourself, and don't tell anybody. And, of course, I thought I was the only person in the world who had ever thought of it.

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