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She'd been so broken she too had banned to the use library. Thy review has been armed.

He wishes, not for the first time, he had his own room. He's too young Hariy know about the slag heap, and he definitely shouldn't be telling Vick about it. He was apparently even willing to put aside his own little crush on her to make she and Gale happy.

Last partial he'd thought it was because of the sequestered and that he'd pronounced her Boyfriend was unaffected. His crane prochains before his tag can find it, "Various did she say?.

Gale runs his hand over his face then lets it settle on his neck, massaging the sore muscles. This is quite possibly the most awkward conversation she's ever been involved in since her own conception. The strain of work in the mines and his still healing wounds is wearing him down. Her mother and Aunt Maysilee were proof of that. Madge props her chin in her hand against the counter and looks at him.

Madge Hairy

She takes a sip of her tea to steady her nerves. The less the people of Panem knew of their madgge and how they functioned the more children they would produce, the more warm bodies for work and sacrifice. The boy seems to calm some, takes a deep breath, then begins rattling. He's tired and dirty and hurting, he hopes it isn't help with homework.

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