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Inshe played a news reporter turned the antagonist in Scooby-Doo 2: Inshe starred in an ABC pilot called Pink Collar as a woman working in a law firm, but like Queen B, this pilot was not picked up to series. Silverstone portrayed the close friend of a teenager turned secret agent in the action-spy film Stormbreakerdirected by Geoffrey Sax and co-starring Alex PettyferEwan McGregor and Mickey Rourke. Her Scottish accent is good, her comic delivery is fresh, and she gets the maximum laugh value from each wobbly curtsey.

Her character is the one thing in the show that Mamet gets absolutely right, although she is used a bit repetitively. The Hollywood Reporter concluded the play was "fueled" by "a spectacular tour de force" from Silverstone. Daniel Sullivan directed the play, and described Silverstone as "a breath of fresh air" [53] which had a general positive reception among critics.

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Song had a kind of country vibe. For life of me can't remember all the lyrics. One partial line was " I got one more, one more last chance. The last chance part I'm not sure of. Another partial line was "everything's gonna be alright, don't worry your".

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