Gifts for breast cancer survivors

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Heating pads and blankets are appreciated, especially as we approach the winter months.

When I recovered, I relaxed on a recliner, and being wrapped in a blanket helped me feel even more comfortable. Inspirational breast cancer awareness ornaments, cups, shirts, earrings — just about anything — are good for a breast cancer survivor. I look at it and actually smile that I had cancer, went through it, and am still here. ITunes gift cards and anything with music helps the survivor and the person going through breast cancer. Music carried me through just about all the seasons of cancer.

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Songs helped me through discovering I had cancer, survivosr biopsies, lumpectomy, to mastectomy. When I hear certain Gifhs, I have a memory attached to the song. I will always carry these memories with strength. A day at the spa to get a massage, a manicure or pedicure, and whatever else to make them feel wonderful makes a terrific gift. For women and men dealing with cancer, give adventures and help them do things that they have never done before. A chance to drive a Giftss car or a visit to an amusement park or the beach — whatever they wish to experience is so important.

Magazines or a magazine subscription 5. Notepad and pen there are such beautiful notepads available, and they make a great place in which to make a note of all the lovely things she can do after treatment 8. Depending on the ages of the children, books to read with the children Pretty notelets or cards and pop in a pack of stamps so she can write to people Edible gifts: Maybe a little hamper of a few treats. Nice hot chocolate 3. Nice herbal teas possibly organic brands like Pukka and Tea Pigs which do loads of flavours, such as ginger, tumeric, chamomile and night time blends 4. Sweets, mints and chocolate 5. Homemade edible gifts And remember that meals for her freezer are always appreciated very much indeed.

Cheer her up items: A tree to plant in the garden 2. Write lots of uplifting quotes, affirmations and mantras on small pieces of colourful paper, then fold them up and put them in a jar or box so she can take one out whenever she is having a bad day and needs a little bit of help.

For survivors Gifts breast cancer

Get canccer and family members to write little uplifting notes which you then seal in individual envelopes and depending on what is cacner on the note write instructions on the envelopes as bresat when she can open them. Give her the gift of your time and write her a card, asking her to choose five places for you to visit together when she is better. That would be lovely and gorgeous and very well received. OR, you could do something a little bit different. After all, getting through breast cancer is long old slog and would be extra nice to have things spread across the duration of treatment to help break up the drudgery, monotony and misery that treatment can bring.

A bag of wrapped presents with one to open per day. For example, one per day in the build up to say, surgery.

Or one to open every day of chemo. Or one to open every three days after chemo which are the worst days of side effects. A box of sunshine. This takes the pressure off the main caregiver to cook and helps financially as well. The weekly box comes with pre-portioned ingredients and easy to follow recipe cards. Savor Health aims to make the act of eating a healthy meal easy again. They provide nutritious, delicious meals that are fresh and customized to specific needs and tastes. Giving a massage gift card or setting up an appointment can be a wonderful token of love. Make sure that the company you choose is certified in oncology massage. Each package is customized to ensure the recipient receives a combination of soothing, encouraging and distracting items to help them through their toughest battle.

And to remind them how incredibly brave and loved they are every step of the way.

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