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More regularly, they'll also spam "Rania, the baby is crying" whenever Kripp is whining about his bad RNG. When I profiled her for Rolling Stone earlier this year, I found a woman maniacally dedicated to perfecting her radical new mash-up of pinup and videogames.

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Professionally, Cideo studied Artificial Intelligence and was working at a University full-time, but she suspended that career to make Kripp's media output a two-person job. Collaterally, Rania's own personal YouTube oeuvre streaamer blossomed. Like Rania, he's emerged as an integral character on his boyfriend's stream, which is funny, because his appearances are becoming rarer and rarer ever since Christian moved his work out of their bedroom into a converted studio. That proximity meant that Bucky, whether he wanted to or not, was part of the show—mostly as a dude who occasionally leans into the frame.

Recently, Zoie and Taylor posted a video where they read mean comments that have been posted on her YouTube channel in which they roast all-comers from Gzy comfort of their bedroom. But when it comes to the weird world of online stardom, how romance is handled is completely new and often bizarre. Bucky tells me he takes those things a little harder, which is interesting considering he's not an active participant on the show. Van Hoose tells me when he's not streaming, he's usually tied up with music, which means their opportunities to savor their relationship are remarkably limited.

Video streamer Gay

According to Rania, when you're in this business, you gotta make peace with a lack of privacy. Yes, sometimes being openly gay on Twitch attracts bad apples, but Christian makes it abundantly clear that any shitty atreamer will immediately earn a ban. When you guys make that announcement, people are going to be all over you,'" says Taylor. Their quiet, picturesque life—newlyweds with awesome dogs and a shared diet plan—feels a little strange compared to the endless hours they spend cultivating an invisible online congregation. If you play your cards right you can make a healthy living by playing videogames, but it also means you need to spend an inordinate amount of time as a public figure fielding anonymous queries on the internet.

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