Gay specific treatment

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Gay Drug Abuse and Treatment

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This open label study continued development of the Speicfic intervention by adopting, tailoring and transferring the original intervention for use in a community-based HIV prevention setting. Shortened, modified versions of the original and replicated GCBT interventions would increase feasibility of implementation in community-based organizations. Modifications consisted of reducing the intervention from 16 weeks and 48 sessions to 8 weeks and 24 sessions while maintaining the core elements.

Treatmeht masseuses can include: Participants were crew from the extent if they presented with adaptive or medical protocols that precluded dealing study note e. Painted work continued on the option in a aide side that hung the day of GCBT to statistically ash methamphetamine use threaded to a drunken condition Gay Social Call Therapy [GSST].

Given that the modified intervention has fewer sessions and is easier to tretment, outcome findings that demonstrated only minor reductions in outcomes from the more expansive treagment would be important to advise adaptation of evidence-based interventions into community settings that intervene with this high-risk population. Materials and methods 2. Participants were excluded from the study if they presented with psychiatric or medical conditions that precluded safe study participation e. Participants attended clinic in the early evening on each Monday, Wednesday and Friday to receive treatment, submit an observed urine sample and complete research assessments.

Briefly, the CM intervention used in this study was a voucher-based reinforcement therapy. Vouchers could be redeemed at any study visit for pro-social and healthy purchases such as groceries, gift certificates, or to pay bills. The standard CBT intervention was implemented in a group format and taught cognitive skills to initiate and maintain methamphetamine abstinence. Also delivered in a group format, this tailored intervention equally targeted methamphetamine use and high-risk HIV-related sexual behaviors.

Treatment Gay specific

Treatnent attendance for the GCBT intervention was the same as in the original intervention. The GCBT intervention used in this trsatment replicated the original intervention however the substances of abuse were expanded to target all stimulants and alcohol. The GSST comparison condition was based on a social model of recovery but tailored to include gay-specific references. Clinic attendance for the modified intervention was the same as in the original intervention, i. Potential participants were recruited through referrals from local community-based organizations serving the population and advertisements designed to target GBM who were seeking treatment for methamphetamine abuse or dependence.

At intake participants provided informed consent, a baseline urine screen, and completed specofic assessments. Participants started treatment at the first Monday, Wednesday or Friday after completing baseline assessments. Follow-up assessments were conducted at 8, 16, and 26 weeks post baseline. They are also three times as likely to use illegal drugs. This is rapidly changing, however, as drug addiction is becoming an increasing problem within the gay community. Specialized therapies can include: Counseling sessions specifically related to identity acceptance Assistance with coming out, if needed Treatment of mental health issues, including depression and anxiety Care from professionals specifically trained on LGBT issues Risks of Drug Use in the Gay Community All drug use comes with risks, including long-term addiction, emotional harm, physical effects and limited decision-making skills.

For those in the gay community, these risks can be especially harmful, and can include: In a culture that has a large presence in clubs and bars, those who frequent these facilities may show lower levels of control when faced with unsafe behaviors, such as unprotected sex or use of more intense drugs. Frequent unprotected sex increases the risk for STDs, including HIV and hepatitis, which are more easily transmitted through anal sex. This is likely due to rehabilitation centers not having experience in treating members of the gay community and their specific issues, and general disinterest in the medical community to GLBT issues.

As there is a general lack of services that cater to LGBT individuals, this trickles down to the support group level. There are support groups available to the gay community but they are much harder to find than traditional groups. Drug use in gay culture is on the rise and developing access to qualified education programs, as well as addiction treatment and recovery facilities that address important LGBT issues, is crucial to addressing drug use and addiction within the community.

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