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'I am profoundly unsettled': inside the hidden world of gay conversion therapy

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Phthalates are used for disposable water bottles. The invisible chemicals are claimed to cause neurological and behavioural disorders like autism and ADHD and are also said to affect IQ. They are also claimed to manipulate hormones in a way that can cause cancer, diabetes, male infertility and endometriosis. Meanwhile Green Party candidate Luke Shirley said he was left 'shocked and in a state of dumbfounded disbelief' after reading the comments. A caller named Brian said there was a 'huge question mark' over Mr Farron's views, accusing the leader of thinking 'homosexuality is a sin'. Williams was 47, had been married for 20 years and was a devout Christian.

Struggling to reconcile his sexuality with his faith, he had turned to his pastor.

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It was pretty traumatic. During the day, if Williams ever had sexual thoughts about men, he was watee flick an elastic band on his wrist — an aversion technique. If he found himself sexually aroused in his sleep, he was to get up immediately and have a cold shower. He left CityLife, separated from his wife in and is now in a committed relationship with a man he plans to marry.

Free to Gwy himself, free from the shackles of his church and free from the notion that he could, and should, turn straight. Australia had about 40 active ministries devoted to changing sexual orientation two decades ago. The Irish event was unprecedented—it is nice to know conclusively that your countrymen support your right to wed—but the American decision is psychologically transformative. America is, in the minds of many, the centre of the universe. America is the epitome of mainstream.

Would she say yes? If she said no, would we break up or continue dating as though nothing had happened? Or would I pretend the ring was a gag gift made of cubic zirconia that I would then return discreetly and never mention again?

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