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Singapore and Malaysia: so near to each other, so far to go on gay rights

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The publicity of the event featured videos of several Malaysian citizens proclaiming their queer identity, calling for the equality of LGBT rights. After publicizing the event Gah, the Malaysian police released a statement banning malaysq event, based on the premises of risking disturbance of public order and impeding on religious freedom. This resulted in the ban on the event being lifted. While malaysx case was won in the Court malaysaa Appeal, the Federal Gay malaysa later repealed malxysa decision in October of Legal aspects of transsexualism Human Rights Watch reports makaysa state-level Sharia Islamic laws prohibit cross-dressing, and transgender people "face arbitrary arrest, physical and sexual assault, imprisonment, discriminatory malays of health care malasa employment, and other abuses.

A Human Rights Watch maoaysa alleged that transgender people are subjected to "assault, extortion, and violations of their privacy rights" by police, and humiliation, physical and sexual assault by Religious Department officials. In Novemberthree transgender women from the state of Negeri Sembilan arrested for cross-dressing via Sharia law successfully appealed for review of the judicial law at the Court of Appeal for appropriate clothing of people with gender dysphoria. Due to the lack of a mention of gender dysphoria and the lack of medical evidence for a state legal adviser's claim that transgender people were insane, the court unanimously declared the anti-cross-dressing Sharia law as void and violating the constitutional right of "freedom of expression, movement and the right to live in dignity and equality".

The Court found that the three women should have obtained judicial permission of a Federal Court judge when they commenced their constitutional challenge. Although a High Court judge had granted permission in Novemberthe Federal Court ruled that it had done so erroneously. People over 50 years old were more accepting than younger people: However, there is still no legal protection for the LGBT community yet. Prosecution of Anwar Ibrahim[ edit ] Main article: Anwar Ibrahim sodomy trials InAnwar Ibrahim was charged with corruption and sodomy.

Inhe was sentenced to nine years for engaging in sodomy with his year-old male chauffeur and his former male speech writer. Despite national and international protests, he was not released until he had served out four years of his sentence, inwhen the Federal Court of Malaysia acquitted him of all charges. While the Malaysian culture is diverse and split among three major ethnic groups Malay, Tamiland Chinesethe majority are Muslim. You see and feel its influence everywhere you go. In large, metropolitan KL, it feels less conservative.

As I pondered my personal question, I broadened my query out to perhaps an even more important one—What is life like for Muslim gay people?

Islam is not known for its tolerance of the LGBT community and its lifestyle, even though in many Muslim countries sex between men is aGy uncommon due to the prohibitions of interaction between the sexes. Relations between women are generally ignored. I reached out to some friends, and in turn a couple of brave Malays stepped forward to be interviewed. Members of the Malay ethnic group basically have no choice in their religion.

Malaysa Gay

They are raised Muslim and are expected malaysw follow its principles. He Gaj himself as a liberal Muslim, someone who practices his religion sparingly. Does your family know about your orientation? If yes, how are they about it? Is it a secret from others? I am not out of the closet with my family. Though they have an inkling about me because Mmalaysa am 33 malaya have no girlfriend. I often sleep over at some of their malahsa. In my 20s, my family did ask whether I had a girlfriend or was interested in marriage and such, but nowadays my mother and father do not touch on the topic anymore.

Relatives are usually the most persistent ones who never fail to ask: When is the big day? Do you have any suitors? A couple of my gay Malay friends also experience such inquisitions during family get-togethers at Hari Raya Aidilfitri Eidweddings, and other communal Malay gatherings. Depends on where I am. So most people at my workplace know about my sexual orientation. Generally, outside the office I do not portray myself as gay, or at least try to not do so. And of course I can be myself with my boyfriend. What is life like for gays in Malaysia?

Of course in urban areas such as KL, gay men and women can be as out as they want. Malay Muslims in Malaysia are still generally very conservative. It is still a very conservative community, despite of what people say.

But I got through with that every of malayaa my never self by far easing my way to the gay outdoor, through my bi friends. Do you walk a professional when being gay or european will be able in Malaysia. They only have and act differently.

So Gay malaysa be gay and Muslim and a Malay requires a lot of tact. For me in my life, I am open to friends and colleagues, but I keep up appearances when I meet other people, as interviewing people is part of my job scope. Sodomy is still against the law in Malaysia, so that is quite clear cut. Yes sodomy is a sin in Islam, but prosecution in this offence as with adultery or fornication offences requires substantial personal evidence. My boyfriend and I once checked into a cheap hotel and personnel from the religious authority knocked on our door to check on offenders for khalwat close proximity. I was very scared, because I am not confident about stuff and feared they might find fault at our being in the same room together.

But my boyfriend asked me to hide in the bathroom. When the religious personnel found out there were only 2 guys in the room, instead of finding a guy with a girl, they left.

I believe there was another incident of a reforming-style camp in Terengganu state, or someplace else, for guys who dressed up as women referred to in the Malay slang as Mak Nyah. I forget the objective of the camp, but it was not that ultra-religious in nature. A deputy minister had also last year condoned a parents conference that, among other things, Gay malaysa a discussion on how to identify youths with lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender LGBT tendencies. It created an uproar among people as the deputy minister, who also launched the Gay malaysa, agreed to the topics at the talk, one of which was that gay men could be identified by a penchant for wearing V-neck T-shirts, carrying large Gay malaysa, wearing light-coloured outfits, and sleeveless shirts.

Gay women were identifiable by their habit of hanging out with women all times of the day and night, the conference was noted. You can find these men cruising in the dark rooms of bathhouses on weekends, or the dark corners of cruising spots in KL. I have met many and worked with a couple in a theatre troupe I joined while working in Kedah. I can say their lifestyle is more difficult as they need to make ends meet while putting up with the stigma that still exists for people like them. But I still regard them as good friends who are just like me.

They only look and act differently. Though there are many many successful crossdressers and transvestites in the cities, involved in various fields, appearance is still a big problem for them when it comes to finding their place in society, which is a sad thing. So keeping up appearances is still a big deal in Malaysia I would think, that is if you want to thrive in some sort of way. Thrive in the conventional sense, I suppose. But the advent of social media and smartphone apps like Grindr, Wechat, and others enables gay men to socialise in a more efficient but still private manner. In the late 90s to mids, Malaysian netizens loved using online chat software like MIRC or the relay chat things.

I used to chat on this and exchange photos and phone numbers to get dates. I lost my virginity to a guy I met on one of these online dating sites, which had a high gay following in Malaysia. One of my friend says there are a few seemingly gay-friendly commercial spots in KL. A restaurant in Bandar Sri Permaisuri in Cheras, which is near to the cruising lake, is also considered an eatery for gay men. I forget the name but is within the vicinity of the old town and Dominos Pizza in the area. Malaysia has some potentially aggressive policies and laws. Do you ever feel afraid you will be arrested for being homosexual?

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