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Rubber bikers german Gay

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The scene was necessarily limited to the middle classes: Increased rents, police attention, the Aids crisis and prejudice have all had an impact on the gay leather scene. Matt Spike From the 70s onwards, fan clubs for leathermen popped up in London, Brighton, Manchester, Birmingham, Bournemouth and elsewhere under the guise of Motor Sport Clubs, disguising the gay fetish as a passion for biking. Around the same time, permanent venues rose to the fore. The horseshoe-shaped bar separated regular punters and a morass of leathermen. At the same time, Tom of Finland sketches of burly men in leathers and denim spread through nascent fetish communities pushing life to imitate art. The gay leather scene had reached its peak.

Thousands of leathermen congregated in multiple micro scenes across London, while thousands more revelled at club nights and events further afield. Then came a crisis. Entire communities were eliminated. The leathermen were some of the first to go.

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