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A major storm hit Sacramento the day of the evejts. Gay-Friendly Dining Biba Biba the restaurant makes its own pasta—including a fresh stuffed pasta that changes daily—offers a pasta course primi piatti and an entree course secondi and places the salad course last on its menu, as you would find in Italy.

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Summers are typically dry and hot. The climate here is temperate, but there are four distinct seasons. Hawks Delicious place to grab a bite to eat and relax with friends!! This event drew media attention and highlighted the risks taken by businesspeople of the gay community. Despite the weather, about three thousand marchers filled the eastern end of Capitol Mall as the most visible portion of a weekend-long event. Winters tend to be cool, wet, and windy. Both of these take place in September. The March on Sacramento for Lesbian and Gay Rights brought statewide attention to Sacramento as the hub of political change.

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The installing officer at the dinner was Sacramento city councilmember Anne Rudin. There are many annual gay festivals and events year-round in Sactown. Tree-lined, two-lane streets are flanked by Victorian homes and art-deco lofts, speckled with stately government buildings, and enhanced by lush parks, fountains, and sculptures. After the march, Mom…Guess What…! The next night, police returned to check whether the bar was violating its alcohol license, limited to beer and wine only.

The installation dinner for the new association was held on July 30 at the Cafe de New Orleans, L Aacramento, two days after a drive-by shooting into the patio of Bojangles, a gay bar on Folsom Boulevard. Held to commemorate the Stonewall riots ofthe parade consisted of equal parts celebration and activism, demonstrating how far the community had come but also highlighting barriers that had yet to be crossed. Ella Dining Room and Bar This amazing restaurant definitely has a fancy vibe, with its gin and house-made tonics and other fresh cocktails, its seafood bar, its dressed-up Saturday-night buzz: Gay-friendly shops restaurants, and hotels abound.

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