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Midwest Bisexual Lesbian Gay Ally College Conference, February 15-17, 2019

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Still, the multitude and wide range of programs offered to the students allowed for the potential for every student to leave with a unique experience. Not only is Cox beautiful and stylish, she's an accomplished public speaker and incredibly intelligent woman.

Midwest Gay conferences

Also while at the conference, I fell in love with Dr. I fell in love with Laverne Cox that day. Her address to the adoring, cheering crowd was littered with references to the great activists of today: A third of queer and trans students consider leaving college because of the climate, and 43 percent of queer students and 63 percent of trans students conceal their identity in college to avoid intimidation. Something about being in a room with those who had similar experiences and mindsets seemed reassuring and even comforting.

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Michael Abernethy 19 Apr A college conference is helping train students to battle the idiocy of laws like Indiana's Conferencex Freedom Restoration Act. Even scarcer would be the thought of that conference spawning a professional nonprofit dedicated to building on their mission. These two are at opposite ends of the experience of being out and queer, yet here we all are discussing different perspectives on the LGBT experience and learning from one another. Despite the pleasant chat, I'm not in the mood to be escorting a group of students to a conference. Options for sponsors are a bit more limited, but there are still plenty of sessions for us, as well.

For my students, one of the best aspects of the conference was when the attendees were broken into their various demographics — gay, lesbian, ally, bisexual, trans, asexual, disability, queer, queer people of color, and middle sexuality.

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