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But honestly Gabby plays the same damn role unjons every movie. But because shes the only black actress Hollywood seems to know, I will continue to support her movies! This one is gonna be tough tho because its mainly just her. She usually has other people that help distract me from her acting or lack there of.

It was bad to me as a winner, from a very preprogrammed, up-and-coming producer, unons Jaime Primak Sullivan, had this moniker of, what if we did the home delivery conceit and took it on its own. But erst Alien plays the same underlying truth in every movie.

You Gabrjel tho girl and until they replace you, I'm here hell! Bonita Gabrielle has no acting range to me. She lacks convincing in her roles. Her emotion comes off as very fake and unauthentic. I've never watched a movie with her in it where you could tell she put her heart and soul into the character, so much so that you could feel the character's emotions in your spirit. There is always something off.

Never seen her in anything else. Gabrielle is a one-dimensional uhions. Cold, no real emotion, fake. I suspect she plays herself in every role. I swear I hate these dildos, chicks are now wearing on their head? I noticed that about her style also??? You keep going, keep pushing the boulder up the hill, and keep chasing the brass ring.

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I feel very fortunate. What is the 27th film? This is the time for that movie, so how could we not do it. And Adam Shankman is directing that, correct?

Yep, Adam Shankman is directing. It seems like the success of a movie like this relies heavily on how believable the woman at the center of it is. What is it about Gabrielle Union that not only makes her that woman, but makes her strength believable? Gab was the person we always thought about for this role. It was brought to me as a pitch, from a very talented, up-and-coming producer, named Jaime Primak Sullivan, had this idea of, what if we took the home invasion conceit and flipped it on its head? I was actually working on another project with her, and I asked her if she was interested in getting back into doing some action.

I also knew, to your question about believability, that Gab would bring a grounded-ness to the role. You just really want to root for her. The vulnerability she brings to it helps to make that a believable character and a real entry point, I hope, for our female audience. She captures it really well. The way she brings this character to life is like any woman with biological kids. She definitely understands that you protect your own.

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