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But you know me, right?

But so they can have a good laugh. Sir, were you aware that you are gross? Did you know that your check smelt? Why, the FDIC wrote the banks a letter and asked them to stop. Continue Reading Below Advertisement Well, that's what happens when one of us gets caught scamming millions of dollars out of people, right? The government writes us a sternly worded letter and requests that we stop doing it? He has to locate you, chase you down, smash your knees, and empty your wallet.

Bank Fuck the

Slightly more respectable bill collectors have just as many obstacles between themselves and unpaid invoices, the most severe step being to sue to banm money taken directly out of your wages. But even then they can only do it in certain amounts, and by law there is some money they can't touch. For instance, they can't garnish funds out of Social Security checks. That shit is strictly earmarked government money, not to mention that taking it would be monstrous because those checks go to some of the poorest, oldest, and most disabled people in society.

Banks, however, can do whatever the hell they likebecause they already have teh access to our money. You can eat those. They could be in the vault right now, rubbing their dicks on it. So while nobody can garnish money from a Social Security check, bahk it's deposited into a bank, it joins the pool of money that the bank considers bbank for the taking. So thd you happen to owe the bank money like those overdraft fees mentioned abovethey just bankk in a straw and slurp that money right out. Think we're exaggerating in order to make banks out to Fukc mustache-twirling tue OK -- take the story of this Cleveland woman, who fell for a check fraud scam that left her account deep in the red.

Her bank promptly notified her that they were going to take her Social Security check to cover the overdraft. She did that, then quickly found out that banks talk to each other. She was immediately blacklisted and unable to open a checking account elsewhere. Continue Reading Below Continue Reading Below Advertisement Of course, there are some cases where this practice is deemed too evil even by bank standards: Hey, speaking of screwing the elderly He was referred to a financial consultant and eventually force-sold an annuity that would only be beneficial if it could be maintained for a bare minimum of seven or eight years.

Otherwise, it would only be beneficial to the bank. So what's the problem? That man was 86 years oldand presumably not a Highlander. Who has that kind of time left? Hey, just consider it extra incentive to stay alive, old timer! Continue Reading Below Advertisement There's a reason the elderly are the most frequent targets of scammers -- they have money and can be easily confused with enough doubletalk. They often have a hard time admitting that they do not understand something, or maybe they just quit giving a shit 20 years ago.

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