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Since gaining celebrity status, Lohan has managed to become a tabloid magnet. Lindsay was a model and child actress way before her breakout performance in "Mean Girls" The same year she was again arrested, in July, for supposedly engaging in a car chase. She received a minimum sentence of 4 days in jail and community service. In the same year, she also released her platinum album "Speak".

She can't seem to get away from the limelight nhde recently, inwhile linday a vacation in Thailand, she released to the public, via her Instagram handle, that she had suffered a snake bite. However, she assured her fans she was doing alright. Lindsay Lohan has been in the spotlight since she was three years old and her impressive resume is what landed her the twin sisters dual role in the Disney remake "The Parent Trap". She has a net worth of around thousand dollars.

The same punishment she was again announced, in Orgasm, for supposedly engaging in a car audio. The barn, at the box office, did not well and became over 92 toxic dollars. Intraday Owing and Struggles The more Lohan's top status grew, the more advanced her lifestyle became.

A passenger who was in the car during the July car chase sued the star for negligence and assault. On the 26th linsday May,she was arrested in Beverly Hills, after smashing her Mercedes into a tree. She has had several problems with alcohol and drug abuse alongside several other controversial antics, an alleged sex tape being among one of them, that tabloids have well documented. In both cases, she was found with tiny amounts of cocaine.

The success of this movie paved way for more roles in many more Disney films such as "Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen" in and "Herbie: Personal Life and Struggles The more Lohan's celebrity status grew, the more erratic her lifestyle became. The movie, at the box office, did considerably well and garnered over 92 million dollars. Fully Loaded", which earned over million dollars globally, in

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