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To this regard, it has been suggested that increased adiposity may be caused at least in part by behavioral changes in the affected individuals that are induced by the chronic consumption of PHc foods; some authors have even drawn attention to the similarity that exists between over-indulgent eating and drug addiction. They have a taste for cock, and craving for rough fucking.

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In addition to this, top-down modulation of homeostatic circuits including palatability and post-prandial rewarding effects modulate food ingestion and seeking behavior Tulloch et al. Evidence reviewed here suggest that PHc food consumption is self-reinforcing and may further lead to health problems, including cognitive impairments and possibly neurodegenerative diseases that produce a decrease in general wellbeing and productivity. Those drives can support and motivate long-term foraging strategies and planning. In this review article, we discuss recent evidence that shows how consumption of PHc food can cause maladaptive neural plasticity that converts short-term ingestive drives into compulsive behaviors.

As chubvy we pinpoint critical neurodevelopmental periods for dietary environmental insults. But how eating densely caloric foods can modify brain and behavior in such drastic ways? In the modern calorie-permissive societies, in which lower energy investments are required to obtain PHc food, those hard-wired capacities, which once evolved to cope with uncertain caloric availability in the wilderness and were evolutionary acquired as adaptive characters, now clearly became maladaptive and do not promote health.

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