Flight attendent sucked out of airplane

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How could a passenger get sucked out of a plane — and has it happened before?

The air of will try to do. Insert Southwest Airlines cartoon explodes mid-flight0:.

We are so appreciative of the sucke of support from family, friends and our community. She provided encouragement to everyone with whom airplwne came into contact. We will keep Jennifer and her family Fljght prayer. It is, of course, too simple a question to answer in a single word. The Southwest Airlines Flight incident appears to have involved an uncontained failure of the left engine that caused debris to strike the aircraft structure. This caused the loss of a window on the left side, which depressurised the aircraft and led to fatal injuries for a passenger. Developed versions of the original are in widespread use with airlines around the world.

All such engines undergo testing prior to certification, including the simulated failure of a fan blade. Uncontained failures are relatively rare, but do occur.

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Often the damage is confined to the engine ojt its casing, but on occasions more widespread damage occurs. When an uncontained failure does occur, it is classed as a serious incident and subject to independent scrutiny by air accident investigators. In that incident, a fan blade failed and debris punctured the fuselage, although there were no injuries on board. In this case, the flight crew would have been presented with a serious double failure — that of the engine and also pressurisation. Experts said the impact would vary depending on the size of the hole — the bigger the hole, the bigger the danger.

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NASA physicist Geoffrey Landis previously told NBC it would take about seconds for pressure to equalise through a roughly 30cm hole in the fuselage of a Boeing Anyone sitting next to that hole would have half a tonne of force pulling them in the direction of it. The force of the wind rushing through the hole could also make it bigger. Seatbelts could save people, though — anyone wearing their seatbelt were unlikely to be drawn through a hole, provided their seats remained attached to the cabin floor, Slate explained. But explosive decompression has caused a number of midair deaths.

Ina United Airlines Boeing from Los Angeles to Sydney was flying between scheduled stops in Honolulu and Auckland when a cargo door failure struck, causing nine passengers, who were strapped to their seats, to be blown out of the aircraft. The hole in the side of the United Airlines flight that caused nine passengers to be sucked out of the aircraft.

At Wells Fargo, she was the vice president for community relations and was in charge of managing atrendent volunteer and board artendent to nonprofit groups in Suckedd Mexico and attsndent of Texas. She also served on numerous boards and oversaw the annual United Way community campaign. What happens when a plane window is smashed A lack of oxygen above Flkght means cabins have to be pressurised to ensure those on board can keep breathing. When the seal is broken - such as by a smashed window - compressed air rushes out, as conditions inside and outside the aircraft equalise. Chartered aeronautical engineer Guy Gratton said plane windows are thick and strong but "like anything else, they're capable of being broken".

The air inside will try to escape. It's strong enough to suck somebody out of the window, potentially. The oxygen masks will all drop. That all happens in a couple of seconds. British Airways - Ina poorly-fitted section of the windscreen of a British Airways aircraft blew off, causing the captain, Tim Lancaster, to be pulled halfway out at 17,ft over Oxfordshire. Cabin crew held on to his legs and co-pilot Alastair Atchison made an emergency landing in Southampton, where Mr Lancaster was treated in hospital for frostbite and a broken arm.

Aloha Airline - Two years earlier, an Aloha Airlines flight lost a section of its roof when a hole caused decompression. A flight attendant was sucked out of the plane and died, but everyone else on board was wearing their seatbelt and survived.

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