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Voreville Erotic peril

Take a listen to her sexy alluring sultry voice. Now that's a voice to die for! We prril just about every extreme fantasy that you can think of! For those of you who knew what this site was about, don't fret, we'll turn this place into a nice little erotic peril hub. We are going to scour Google and Yahoo for all the best peril art and erotic art sites out there. If we miss you, please let us know and we'll gladly link our sites if it's under the same type of theme. This site is not advertised on main stream websites so there's really NO reason for you to be here unless you were really looking for this sort of stuff in the first place.

We'll also have EvilAlex's "Eatmebaby" super extreme cannibal art that was once hosted here when Paul ran perip amazing site. We'll TRY to keep all public images as non gorey as possible, as not to upset any prude stragglers that happen to stumble upon the site by accident. This way everyone is happy. Plenty of warnings are all over the site, so please READ everything before even clicking on links from this website!!! But for EviLAlex's extreme cannibal art member gallery, there's absolutely no boundaries in his works.

Be prepared to vorevillf some crazy insane gorey photo editing No models Eroti harmed in the making of his pictures! Please seek professional help if you have an inkling of wanting to see this stuff happen in real life! Enjoy the most bizarre art out there! Everything is digitally altered to look as horrific and gruesome as possible, but of course, no gorgeous models were hurt in the making of these insane pictures and videos! Welcome To Voreville We have been around since We welcome all new comers to enjoy and embrace this unique fetish.

Access is made available only to those who know the terms of the idea agreement: Our website is NOT for everyone so please do your potential out there to do sure we have what you are engaged for.

Foreville website is NOT for everyone so please do vpreville research out there to make sure we have Erotci you are looking for. For those of you that have no idea what vore means or what we are about, here's a little explanation from Wikipedia. We were interesting enough that Bizarre Magazine, a British alternative magazine that covers alternative culture through interviews with counterculture personages, and articles about LGBT culture and drug, fetish, and other subcultures, contacted us and created an online and published vore article called, "Into the Belly of the Beast! Vector Artist Khuantru Art - community of artists and those devoted to art. Art prints also had an interview with us, " Interview with Stacey" Here we let imaginations run absolutely wild!

We then translate that fantasy into sexy short vore stories, captivating vore photo manipulations, seductive vore videos and hot sexy animations.

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