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It had to do with being a performer. In this side by side, you can definitely see some nose work, looking much thinner on the right. Fox Many celebrities refuse to acknowledge they have had plastic surgery, but Vivica A. Sosa says this is due to long term use of a bleaching cream that he uses before going to bed to soften his skin in combination with the bright TV lighting.

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My phone rang forever that night. She said the implants work great. The pressure of a Hollywood career pushed Vivica to dabble in surgical techniques to enhance her beauty, but lessons learned the hard way made her realize that natural beauty is what counts. Unfortunately, not all her surgical procedures have turned out well.

Breast Elise neal

According to nel Dr. Kelly Rowland says she likes her body better with bigger boobs. During this time, Neal also worked in TV commercials - she earned her SAG card doing one for a soap product - and was a regular in the daytime drama "Loving" for four months as Janie, a gritty young woman educated in the streets. Braxton has had the condition since childhood and denies any skin bleaching routine.

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