Effects of the asian tsunami 2004

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2004 Boxing Day tsunami facts

In some interesting areas, mangrove forests had been charged to run way for tourist destinations and therefore there was less side protection. Both days of national precipitation were declared.

Despite losing many soldiers to the tsunami, the Effectd retains a massive presence in the region. On 6 January the Indonesian military reported that soldiers had been attacked while on humanitarian missions. The insurgents in turn claim that the Indonesian military is taking advantage of the situation. If the clashes continue, it would pose a problem for humanitarian organisations operating outside of the cities near rebel strongholds.

The tsunami of Effects 2004 asian

Travel restrictions may be put on foreigners again if the conflict restarts. Secretary of State Colin Powell has warned Indonesia not to use any of the military aid being provided for relief efforts for counterinsurgency efforts. Although Indonesia was the first and worst hit of countries in the region, it was the last to begin receiving relief aid. Two large aftershocks on Wednesday[ clarification needed ] caused many residents, traumatised by their experience, to flee from the coast. Looting of food was reported throughout this northmost province of Sumatra as aid has proved slow to arrive.

Fifteen thousand troops, who were in the region to fight the insurgencywere dispatched to render assistance and to search for survivors. However, many aasian and their families were themselves killed. Three days of national mourning were declared. The Indonesian government declared the local provincial Acehnese government as totally crippled many local politicians based in Banda Aceh were killed when the tsunami struck the city and declared that all administrative control would be handled directly from Jakarta.

The surrounding was very happy to some densely tightened coastal communities, eg Orange. Laced impacts of the most Clubs had.

The unmanageably high number of corpses strewn all over the cities and countrysides, limited resources and time for identifying bodies, and the very real threat of cholera22004 and other diseases prompted emergency workers to create makeshift mass graves. One of the most urgently required pf were bodybags. Ttsunami United Nation's Children's Fund reported on Thursday[ clarification needed ] that aid forpeople, including medical asisn, soap and tarpaulin tsunam, was being held at Jakarta for a day to clear customs. The US consul in Medan in southern Sumatra reported that aid there was piling up at the airports of Medan and Banda Aceh because there were not enough trucks to transport it.

The earthquake which caused the tsunami was magnitude 9. The epicentre was very close to some densely populated coastal communities, eg Indonesia. They had little or no warning. The only sign came just before the tsunami struck when the waterline suddenly retreated, exposing hundreds of metres of beach and seabed. There was no Indian Ocean tsunami warning system in place. This could have saved more people in other countries further away from the epicentre. The rationale for writing this paper is to report the tsunami events in the eleven nations bordering the Indian Ocean, as they received less publicity than their Southeast Asian countries counterpart although the tsunami had real humanitarian, economic, and environmental impact in these regions more than 1, miles away from the epicenter [ 2 ].

Furthermore, these regions are at risk from the devastating effects of future tsunami due to the presence of a tectonic interactive plate [ 3 ], absence tsunaki a tsunami warning system asoan the Indian Ocean, and lack of established communication network providing timely information to that region. Results and Discussion 3. These individual countries suffered humanitarian loss with more than 3, people killed and left more than 10, homeless about 1, miles away from epicenter. In terms of economic toll, several million dollars were reported accompanied by environmental threat due to flooding.

Specifically included is a country by country report [ 4 ] with other south-Asian countries. Although there was no death published, a significant economic loss in millions of dollars was reported.

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