Difference between african and asian elephants

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Differences Between the African and Asian Elephants

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Once they reach puberty, male calves leave the mother's herd and join other young males in bachelor groups.

Older males tend to be solitary. As Asian and African elephants do not come ans contact in the wild, there has only been one incident of cross-breeding between the two species. Inat the Chester Zoo in England, the Asian elephant cow Sheba gave birth to a calf with an African elephant bull named Jumbolino. Their calf was named Motty, who had features of both his parents.

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Sadly he was premature and died of stomach complications two weeks later, according sfrican Dr. Derek Lyon, veterinarian in charge at Chester Zoo elephaants Motty's birth. Asian elephants are more diminutive, measuring about 6. Asians are lighter in comparison, weighing between 4, to 12, lbs. SKIN Afros tend to have a more wrinkled hide, and are mostly colored a darker shade of gray, veering towards black. Asians have a smoother, relatively wrinkle-free skin which is lighter in appearance.

It also has a finger-like grip at the end, which lets the animal grasp its food. The African species has 2 finger-like protrusions at the tip of its trunk. The Asian elephant has a single finger on its trunk, which probably must be making the food-picking process a little different. These animals have to wrap the trunk around the food item and squeeze it into the mouth, instead of directly picking it. EARS The shape of their ears completely sets them apart, with the African elephant's ears being larger, and appear to be shaped like the continent of Africa. However, our results show that Asian elephants have an important impact on forest dynamics but these impacts seem to be very different from the ones produced by African forest elephants.

Between asian Difference african elephants and

These were found to be abundant where Asian elephants are scarce but rare where elephants are present. We also found some puzzling results in terms of tree scars - signs of elephant feeding - that suggest that elephants might not be eating tree saplings small trees as much as we assumed. These results have very interesting and important implications in terms of elephant ecological impact. Maybe this is the reason why Asian elephants do not seem to modify forest the way African elephants do. And human-elephant conflict is greater in Malaysia because we are planting palms which are the very food elephants love to eat. We are currently continuing this work through direct observations of elephant feeding in Malaysian rainforests.

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