Dick cheney mets clubhouse

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Cheney throws out first pitch at Nats home opener

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A former employee in the New York Mets clubhouse, he was a source for illegal performance enhancing substances, including steroids and human growth hormones. He has admitted using human growth hormones in Dicck Nationals catcher Brian Schneider scooped it up. District Judge Reggie Walton: Other vice presidents who have thrown the first pitch in Washington were Thomas Marshall in and again inCharles Dawes inJohn Garner inHenry Wallace in and and Richard Nixon in The head of Clemens legal team once was a captain in the Army in Vietnam. He was a local prosecutor in Houston for more than 15 years and then moved to open his own private practice and also worked on the Whitewater investigation.

Mets clubhouse cheney Dick

Radomski pleaded guilty in to distributing a controlled substance and money laundering and was sentenced to five years of probation. Last year, the capital's first with a baseball team sincePresident Bush tossed out the first pitch at the home opener. Cheney became the eighth sitting vice president to open a home season by throwing out the first pitch for a Washington team. New York third baseman David Wright said he was thrilled to meet Cheney and shrugged off the booing. His clients have included the Arthur Andersen accounting firm during the Enron fraud scandal as well as other sports figures, including professional basketball star Scottie Pippen and baseball infielder Wade Boggs.

McNamee told investigators he obtained the drugs he injected into Clemens from Radomski, who also taught him how to do the human growth hormone injections.

McNamee told independent investigators for Major League Baseball that Clemens asked him to inject him with steroids inand and in with human growth hormones. He was picked 11 times for the annual All-Star game and was one of a handful of players to strike out more than 4, batters. Following are key figures in the upcoming trial.

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