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Certainly, I haven t seen any slowing down. However, I don t want to be rigid in categorizing myself as I love to experiment, though I do like my work to reflect mood, passion and even reflection quietude. My aim is not to assiduously scribe or detail it, but to look for the essence in that subject or theme. Stephen Doherty Aldon James Mr. In Pastel Journal and other magazine competitions, it can also lead to publication, exposing your work to large audiences. Blick Art Materials and the sales power of the maker movement Cheryl V.

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When experienced professionals enter, I blicsk it brings up the prestige for everyone - the competition, the medium and everyone working in it. To save money, it has moved into unconventional spots with nontraditional layouts. As Editor of Pastel Journal, what do you feel is your role in developing vision and content? The author of numerous articles on art and art history, Dr. The rest is catalog and Internet.

blic,s I like to energetically start a painting, exercising a vigorous "brush" and an active mind. Gallery occasionally closed for special Club function. These selections will be at the Butler in the Flora B. These are all universal experiences. Mood in a painting influences my color choices. Exhibition-wise, what we do here in the U.

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