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Special Needs Dentistry

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From routine dental cleanings and non-surgical periodontal therapy to stunning cosmetic veneers georgiia teeth whitening, we provide comprehensive dentistry to help you Dentidtry the healthy, confident smile of your dreams. Hester, please contact our state of the art dental office today. Understanding the Challenges Those caring for people who have special needs know all too well how factors related to an individual's disability impact everyday tasks that many of us take for granted. Lastly, we merge what patients are looking for with the most prevailing, generally accepted standards.

Vonda Hester, our entire dental team has worked hard for more than 30 years to provide service beyond the smile. Less invasive procedures minimize recovery time. As a result, a person with Alzheimer's may require frequent cleanings and dental check-ups and other comfort measures may be a necessity for even simple procedures. Overall, with a dentist who understands special needs patients, oral healthcare can be a positive an empowering experience for everyone involved. With great skill and care, we offer quality dental treatments in a relaxing, pleasing environment while utilizing the most advanced dental technology available.

An excess of harmful bacteria, which saliva usually helps wash out, remains inside the mouth.

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Mercke Xdults Restoration Cosmetic Invisalign Porcelain Veneers Smile Gallery We invite you to browse our smile gallery for a glimpse of what we can do for your smile! Not me and not anymore. Call Elite Dentistry today to schedule your appointment or consultation with Our team. Alzheimer's — As Alzheimer's disease progresses, symptoms of forgetfulness and dementia increasingly take a toll on a person's hygiene and daily routine.

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