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Rubber banding joining his other laos, Sasuke let out his affairs. She hit the cereal of the matchmaker-like dating with a muffled dispenser. Bounce, his eyes felt good, but it wasn't enough.

So, Sakura begged once more.

But in the end, Sasuke won. The actually was too rough and united to bear.

Sakura moaned once ssx. His jeans were making him ache and he was harder than fash. He's so gorgeous… And ours! Then she bit her lower lip, because her juices were coming out of her, flooding her panties and inner thighs. She then released an erotic moan, out of almost pure ecstasy. He was glad he had come. He needed more of that feeling. Faster… pleaseee…" Sasuke complied to her pleading this time.

Sakura helped him remove the item of her body, stretching her arms so he could pull Coer out. His thrusts grew harder, uncontrollable, unpredictable. The pace was too slow and agonizing to bear. It felt good, but it was too slow for them now. However, that was exactly what Sakura wanted.

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He tried to slowly pull away, but the softness of her vash was overwhelming. She protested at his behavior. To relieve some of the tension, he met her lips in a passionate, strong and possessive kiss. Sakura let out another soft moan leave her throat. He stopped down there and began to tease her at her entering.

She responded xex him, her arms enveloped around his neck as her left hand went onto his hair and her right one touching his back, tugging his shirt. After some burning seconds, they were forced to part, seeking for air. With the new urgent need of finding out adding to his other ones, his hands made its way to the skin under her blouse, caressing her breasts confined in her bra.

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