Congo women and sex

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Local radio addressing young women in the sex trade in the Democratic Republic of the Congo

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Marie-Honorine, my colleague from the International Rescue Committeea specialist in working with survivors of sexual violence, points to the Bambi-eyed month-old ahd at qnd woman's breast and says: Her small uterus was destroyed. She has undergone several operations, but is not yet "repaired". In North Kivu, a province in the east of the Democratic Republic of the Congo where the IRC runs a humanitarian programme, rape is no longer just a sex crime but a weapon of war. It is a way to humiliate adversaries and their communities. Government forces and three separate rebel groups are waging an ethnic civil war in this area.

All four factions rape, and they force others to rape too. I travelled with Marie-Honorine for four hours to advance 40km, so bad are the roads to meet a woman called Esperance. She has a baby face with the sad eyes of an adult.

And sex women Congo

She was 17 years old when she witnessed the worst horror of her short life. She herself was raped by seven Hutus, rebels from the same ethnic group that perpetrated Rwanda's genocide and who now find refuge in womwn jungles of eastern Congo. She was marginally lucky: Her little brother and sister are her only family now. They are staying with two different neighbours because she can't provide for them. Marie-Honorine introduces me to Pascaline. She lost her parents and brother when she was 18 years old, after they were forced and refused to do the same things as the family of Esperance. Pascaline was raped by three rebels and got pregnant. She says she kept the child because she hoped to die while giving birth.

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In the event she survived, but due to what was probably post-traumatic stress disorder, she let her daughter die of starvation at two weeks old. She relates this in a matter-of-fact way that makes me think she, like the little Bambi-eyed girl, is not "repaired" either. Having spoken to over 30 victims of this barbarity, it's easy to conclude that eastern Congo is suffering from an epidemic of rape. In South Kivu, where unlike North Kivu no open war is raging, civilians are taking advantage of the general lawlessness and impunity. A pregnant Jose Bangamba, 30, has been captured and enslaved six to seven times during the conflict in Kasai.

Kate Geraghty Helene Ntumba, 49, was held for three months before she managed to escape. Mobutu Sese Sekothe military dictator who ruled for more than 30 years after the Belgian colonialists left inwas a master at it. Current President Joseph Kabila has proved similarly skilful. A long-overdue presidential election scheduled for December could reignite violence. International officials tell us privately there are signs the Bana Mura are readying to ramp up their attacks once more. Lukadi and the other women say that whatever the Kamuina Nsapu might have done in villages hundreds of kilometres away, it has nothing to do with the Luba in Kamonia.

The mission gave the Minister of Human Rights, Marie-Ange Mushobekwa, and Kabila's special representative on sexual violence and child recruitment, Jeanine Mabunda, detailed information on the whereabouts of Luba captives and the identities of alleged perpetrators "without yielding any results". Later, the fabric is to be taken to a local village priest. After the ritual, the woman was supposed to conceive a baby boy after three months. This practice is considered fool-proof, which means that there is an enormous pressure on the woman to be successful in falling pregnant with a male child. Behind closed doors, it is no great leap to assume that a "failed" woman might be subject to degradation, humiliation, or even outright abuse.

In Africa, many believe that a traditional doctor has the power to enable women to give birth to male children.

The community belief is that if a woman gives birth to more female children, there must be Congo women and sex causal reason for that. Accordingly, her family can report the matter to the elders in their community, who can then consult with the ancestors - that is, if the family doesn't believe in Christianity. During those times, cases of violence were less obvious when they took place, because people followed a predetermined formula of living: After some time, the style changed. This could be attributed to many factors — globalization, Christianity, and the opportunity to divorce for reasons not linked to procreation, to name a few.

A Changing Congo With the evolution of century, community elders, together with the local administration, decided that young men or women could have wives or husbands of their choice, with the specification that if a lady happened to become pregnant, she would automatically become the wife to the man involved. Men, however took advantage of this loophole to sexually assault and then wed the women of their choice. Soon, one could find a man associating with other young men to assist him in raping the woman he desired. For a time, the majority of young women in these communities found themselves violated and then married in such circumstance. Thereafter, the elders determined that men found to have committed sexual assault would be punished, as a means of counteracting this epidemic of violence.

The process was arduous and complex; an attempt to correct an outdated or dehumanizing practice created new difficulties.

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