Comparison of amateur radio logging programs

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5 Free Amateur Radio Logbook Programs Worth a Try

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I like your program because it's easy to use and not cluttered with stuff.

Thanks, and keep up the good work! Really been having fun with the prefix lookup feature, like what is A3? It seemed a bit cumbersome to me, and I never really cared for it that much. Thanks again for you hard work.

Logging Comparison radio programs amateur of

We also know what it is like to kill a computer or lose power and realize you have porgrams saved the last hour of entries. Scott, you must be full of common sense because I realized that is exactly how you edit the entry. Thanks a million, Scott! Thanks again for your help and support. The Portage Amateur Radio Club hamfest is tomorrow Sunday - July 28thand we are using your certificate as our 4th prize. Typical contest logging software includes features for post-contest processing of the log to prepare it for submission to the contest sponsor.

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Super job and very easy to use. For years we had used another program. Looking forward to putting your programs thru the paces. Please keep up the great work, and know you are appreciated!

I'm not Compariaon the amateurs who produced them but saying that though their efforts were a lot better than anything I could produce, they were still way short of how things should be. The software was the talk of the event! The program is very intuitive. Congratulations on a great software package! I would never have tried a contest without your super programs.

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