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I sat naked womrn the other women, the only foreigner in the steaming tiled room, watching them joke, womsn, share stories and wash each other with Ciecle of water from the huge baths in the corner of the room. And then a girl around the same age as I wonen down next to me, grabbed my shampoo and started washing my hair. We were connected in our femininity. Maybe we have a few special women in our lives we can share with. But we can open more, with more women. To women other than our mothers, sisters, or best friends. We can surrender to the divine femininity inside ourselves and each other, seeing each other not as competition, not a body or a mind to compare ourselves with, but viewing a woman as a sister carrying the same divine light inside her as you are.

I found my tribe of sisters twice in India and when I did I knew it was an incredible gift I would carry with me for life. The circles we created are full of inspiring, soulful, beautiful women of different ages and ethnicities.

Women who came together to be vulnerable, to explore their femininity and support each other in the full knowledge that the divine owmen that resides inside them is the same divinity in oof other. Together we stripped back the layers of our different societal conditioning to lay our souls bare for the other women to nurture. We formed a powerful unbroken chain of trust that allowed us to explore all the possibilities of what it is to be woman. We all need to find our circles. There will be women in your life also longing for this connection.

Looking for other women to open to and celebrate and explore their femininity with. To talk love, goals, desires, fears, sex, creativity with. Spread your energy and your love with other women around you and see who is attracted into your tribe, and form a sacred circle. Come together once a week, fortnight or once a month on the new moon and support, guide, love and nurture each other.

The session closes with a final discussion and sharing. The session will begin again with deep breathing followed by by individual sharing: How are you feeling? What did you do last night? Additional masturbation techniques will be shared.

Using the CR protect arab of sleeping experiences in first time, women could pack from each other about how to get her own column and happy enjoyment. Untouched I be touched?.

The ritual of Erotic Recess gives time for self-pleasuring, using whatever technique feels nudee. Group massage follows erotic recess, allowing each of us to receive compassionate, non-sexual touch. The session closes with a final sharing in the circle. Flyer by Betty Dodson http: Our physical self-worth and pleasure are controlled by social norms that deny our birthright to feeling good about our bodies, having satisfying orgasms, and owning our sexuality. Bodysex is designed to heal shame, enhance self-esteem, and enrich our orgasms.

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Recent research conducted by Dr. Lisa Meyers provides evidence that participation in a Bodysex workshop improves body image and sexual enjoyment. How was Bodysex developed? Betty believed that women having independent orgasms would build independent thoughts and feminism. Using the CR group model of sharing experiences in first person, women could learn from each other about how to improve their own orgasm and sexual enjoyment. Through these experiences, Betty discovered common themes and developed rituals to support sharing. Her approach evolved into the Bodysex method. Who may attend Bodysex Workshops? You can use a tampon, a sea sponge or a menstrual cup for genital show and tell and erotic recess.

What if I have a yeast infection? Just use some over-the-counter Monistat or other treatment prior to attending. What should I bring? Everything that you need for the workshop, including water and snacks, will be provided. However, feel free to bring anything special that you might want, such as a preferred snack food or a favorite sex toy. Both are included in the workshop fee. If you are bringing your own Magic Wand and Barbell, please contact Laura for reduced workshop rate. Will snacks will be provided? Bottled water will always be available.

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