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Johnson now believes that attitudes to depression and mental health need to seriously change among young, black dock, particularly in the hip-hop community. You did a little bit of weed? You drank a little bit? Soon after he signed to Wu-Tang records, his mother became ill. I just was not interested in rap at that time. I loped around doing drugs.

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I need a child. He married his girlfriend and they had a daughter. It was like another death. He met another woman, now his second wife, Amatullah, and they had another girl, Lana. Luckily the boys got to say their vows in the end - and we've even heard rumours that they may have another wedding when Aaron comes out of jail. Best buy another hat BBC Pictures 5 Do marry in church — the Soap Gods prefer it If Ronnie Mitchell had been more traditional and opted for a nice church ceremony rather than a hotel with a poolshe'd have lived to tell the tale.

Also it's worth bearing in mind to keep your wedding dress fairly simple.

You know, just in case you have to leap into a swimming pool and fish out your sister. It's important to note that drowning in a church dkck very unlikely. Unless someone holds your head under the Holy Water. Debbie Dingle learned this the difk way when her affair with new husband Pete Barton's brother, Ross, was revealed to all the guests at the wedding. Luckily ish the drama of the affair was diluted a bit when a helicopter crashed into the venue. It never ends well. Both Bradley Branning and Stella Mitchell ran up onto rooftops on their respective wedding days. Neither lived to tell the tale. Maybe the rings, the something borrowed — or that you've already got a spouse.

It's easily done, eh Max Branning? And you, Peter Barlow. Both of these chancers already had wives when they attempted to marry Tanya Branning and Shelley Unwin.

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Must've just slipped their minds. He used Lucy's cancer scare to keep her by his side Cnop even lied about her having cancer when she'd actually had the all clear. ITV 10 Only marry someone local If you go getting all cocky and start dating out of your post code, it's almost inevitable your hubby or wifey-to-be will be a serial killer. And that's best case scenario.

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