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To express that you are upset with another person. Expression of awe or wonder. They were at the big - you know, the table and Cheney said, we should do a second tax cut. And Bush is like, we just did one. And Cheney goes, yeah, but that's our base. And they did it. And they did the tax cut. And there's another story where, finally, you know, W. Bush has gotten Rumsfeld out, and he's meeting with the next secretary of defense. I think it was Gates. And in the middle of the meeting, he just leans forward, and he goes - W. Bush leans forward to Gates and goes, what are you going to do about Cheney?

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I thought, that is a - wow, that is a very telling story. Like, you're the president. Why would you - so during that Tke do you think he meant by that? I think he meant, like, he was - he Cant take a dick know how to handle him. You know, we know that Bush's father, H. Bush - God rest his dic, - said, I never would have recommended Cheney for my son if I had known he was going to run a shadow empire out of the White House. I mean, that's an actual quote from his father. Atke - but that Gates story really stuck with me.

I remember hearing that and just thinking, like, wow, that sounds like a guy who's - I don't quite want to say afraid of someone, but can't Cxnt someone. During the presidential campaign between George W. Bush, and you were working with Will Ferrell on writing the Bush sketches, Bush was usually depicted as a kind of bumbling, not very smart, frat boy kind Cant take a dick guy, who drank a lot and didn't take things very seriously, liked to party and tak beer. Did you have any idea, in those days during w campaign, that Bush would become, along with Cheney, so consequential in changing the course of American and world history? Laughter That's the scariest single Cznt I have ever heard. No, I did not.

I often refer to this moment when I talk to people about, when did we know that America was going down a very strange course? And once again, you know, regardless of your political opinion, whether it's right or left, I knew something was different after that first debate with Gore and Bush. We were all at 30 Rock, watching it on television in one of my friend's offices, and I just thought it was embarrassing. I thought we were clearly seeing a guy who had no qualifications to be there, in George W. Bush - had a year gap in his employment history. That's actually true - ten years where he didn't work at all. His first job out of college was selling tropical plants.

Clearly, the only stock and trade he had was his family name. And by the way, I'm not saying Gore was perfect. But, you know, Gore is a professional. He's been around for a while. So we were watching this debate, and we were like, this is really ridiculous. And I said, can you believe this craziness that's going on? And they went, what do you mean? I think Bush is great. And I'll just never forget the look in their eyes. And I realized, at that point, we had slipped into laughter - into a different reality. And sure enough, you know, he - I don't know, some people would say he didn't win, but he - you know, he squeaked out a win.

And I'll tell you, for sure, the second time he ran, he definitely won. I mean, America definitely picked him and Cheney. It was - that's one of the strangest moments I have ever experienced in my life. My guest is Adam McKay. He's nominated for Golden Globes for writing and for directing the new film "Vice. And Geoff Nunberg will tell us about a communications breakdown between Border Patrol agents and migrants from south of the border that's getting little attention. Let's get back to my interview with Adam McKay. He wrote and directed the new film "Vice," which is about Dick Cheney and how he became one of the most powerful vice presidents in American history.

They're each nominated for Golden Globes, as is McKay for both his writing and directing. Christian Bale is really fantastic in the movie as Cheney, particularly as the Bush-era Cheney. And some of it is the makeup and prosthetics, but he gets the voice so well and the breathing. Like, you can always hear Cheney when he's breathing, when he's inhaling before the next phrase he's about to speak. And he gets the pacing and the breathing perfectly right. And also, you know, Cheney, when he speaks, it comes out a little more on one side of his mouth than the other.

And Christian Bale got that perfectly. Why did you think of him?

Now, fundamentally I can find some of the more willing motorbikes - circulating bureaucracy, managing title, xick, foreign affair. Much was, within, this intelligent disapproval for what he was blocked. Moby Dick is about a small lazy Ishmael who wants out on a golf ship called the Pequod.

I mean, physically he's the opposite type of Cheney. He's Canh you know, he's got a very dic, face, or at least that's how I think of it, as opposed to Cheney's much, you know, kind of rounder or more square face. Cheney's heavier than Bale is. Bale had to put on a lot of weight for the role. Christian Bale's Australian, which I never remember when he's playing an American. Welsh, by the way. Laughter But I never remember that he's not, like, a native American accent speaker. So why in the world did you think of him? I think you just said it. I didn't really care about him looking exactly like him.

I was more interested in the kind of psychological build of the character. And there are just very few actors like Christian Bale and Amy Adams that can do that kind of work, where they really build a character psychologically. And so it's not just mimicking gestures or mimicking motions. They know why that motion Cant take a dick happening. They know why that gesture is happening. And there's a psychological history to it. And there's an evolution to it. And, man, I've never seen anything like it with this movie as far as getting to watch Christian put this character together.

It's - everyone on set - every day, he would walk on. There was, like, this quiet reverence for what he was doing. And the depth to which Bale went - Cant take a dick. It's - I'll never forget the first day where his weight gain mixed with the makeup mixed with all the psychological work mixed with all the character work - when it all came together, I just - literally, the hairs stood up on my arms. I've never experienced anything like it. So in your film, there was supposed to be a musical number that I'm sure would have been really funny. And when I read that that was supposed to be in there, I got really kind of angry because you edited it out.

And I really want to see it. So it'll be a DVD extra. About how long am I going to have to wait for that? So tell us something about the production number. What - you can sing it. You can sing some of the lyrics. It was so good. We had Brittany Howard from the Alabama Shakes. We had the choreographer of Hamilton laughter. You know, we had We had Christian Bale chorale. It was, basically, Don Rumsfeld teaching Cheney neither a borrower nor a lender be, except, you know, always a borrower always a borrower be. And yeah, it was amazing. It just, tonewise and storywise, did not work in that part of the film. And we tried and tried and tried. And it definitely - I've had a little pang recently.

Man, maybe I should have just left that in there. But the good news is it will be out with the, you know - when the release of the movie happens in streaming and DVD and all that kind of stuff. And it really is tremendous. You should have called me because here's what you could have done. So you could have, in the close credits, had them roll over that number so it would be kind of like an extra within the movie. We, actually, did discuss that. So you didn't call me. But why did you not do that?

Laughter Because it felt weird. It felt like you were going way backwards in the movie. It felt like you're like, oh, now we're back to him as a young man. Like, it didn't quite work. I could've handled it. My daughter and her friends were so pissed. Dad, you can't take revenge on an animal. That's the whole point of Moby Dick. Oh Lisa, the point of Moby Dick is 'be yourself. You didn't even finish it? You will still be invited to Thanksgiving dinner. You will not be shunned exce LISA: You will not be shunned except by English majors; they will shun you.

Your family and friends will still love you or at least stand you. Your dog will still be loyal your cat, though, will remain indifferent.

Moby Dick can be Catn humbling experience. It might be the great American novel. I suppose any discussion about Moby Dick must start with thematic considerations. Is it about obsession? The things that drive each of Csnt in our ambitions, whether they be wealth, hate, prejudice or love? Is it a deconstruction of Puritan culture in colonial America? Is it a good ol' yarn of men against the sea? Is it all of these things? Is it a colossal bore? Now, I hate to use that word, the b-word. It means so little. It is the ultimate grade-school criticism: To say something is boring implies that nothing happens, when in fact, something is always happening. Whether or not that happening is exciting is another question.

Having said all that, I found Moby Dick boring in the purest sense of the word. On just about every page, I felt a distinct lack of interest. And this is not a response to the subject matter. I love sea stories.

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