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bottom lashes

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Botton in a variety of stylesyou can find lashes to suit you and enhance your appearance, whether you want to glam up your everyday look or make an impact at a special event. However, few people are aware that you can apply lash extensions to both your upper and lower lashes. Unless you naturally have long, thick, full lower eyelashes, bottom lash extensions are something you should consider if you want to look truly stunning.

How They Botttom Bottom lash extensions are applied in the same manner as upper lash extensions. The lash artist Bottom eyelash extensions a drop of adhesive on the extension and places it on your eyelash using tweezers. Once all the lashes are in place, they will feel yeelash like your natural eyslash, except longer. None of the lashes will touch your skin and you will be able to move them and blink normally. The application process is where similarities end. Bottom lashes are much shorter, thinner, and less noticeable than upper lashes. In some cases, you exensions it to be obvious that you are using upper lash extensions to create a dramatic look.

This is never the case for bottom lashes. Another difference is that bottom lashes take far less time to apply — usually just 15 to 30 minutes. This is because there is no need have extensions on every lash. Often, between 10 to 15 is sufficient. This means you can easily include bottom lashes in your appointment for upper lashes without increasing your visit time by much at all. And because rubbing your eyes can loosen natural lashes, removing eye makeup with cotton pads or oil-based wipes can wreak havoc on your lush falsies, accidentally pulling them out or dissolving the glue. If you do need to apply a full-on eye and eventually remove it at the end of the night, use oil-free pads and gently swipe downward to take off the makeup.

Daily maintenance isn't entirely effortless Lashes can get tousled when you sleep or get them wet, which makes them look messy, and they can also pick up debris. So it's important to gently brush your lashes with a clean, disposable mascara wand when you wake up, after you shower, and at the end of the day. Akai recommends applying diluted baby shampoo to the lashes for gentle nightly cleanings. She also warns not to play with, pick at, or rub them. Extensions can seriously mess with your eyes The third time I got them, I left the salon not Akai's establishment! But I really started to worry the next morning when I woke up with the same redness plus itchiness.

And later that night, I noticed a sticky yellow discharge in the corners of my eyes and lower lids, and I started to feel like I had something foreign lodged behind my left eye. The next day I got my eyes checked out by the nurse at my office, but instead of returning to the salon for lash removal ASAP like she'd recommended, I went to urgent care to get a second opinion and a test for cornea damage.

The urgent care doctor diagnosed me with conjunctivitis, a bacterial infection I might have Bkttom up from having the eyelash technician get all up in my eyes with her bare hands. Of course it's also possible that I picked up the infection from something else, like contaminated lashes or even rubbing my eyes after riding a Citi Bike. The doctor prescribed antibiotic eye drops and told me I'd only have to have my new lashes removed if the itching didn't go away after seven days of using the drops. After three days of use, the itching finally stopped; the redness went away a few days after that.

To minimise the risk of transmitting icky stuff, make sure your technician washes their hands between clients, wears a mask, uses sanitary pillow covers, sterilises their tweezers, and uses disposable eyelash brushes — all things Akai does at her salon.

Eyelash extensions Bottom

Reactions to extension applications are pretty common. A web-based survey conducted in Japan found that It could have something to do with irritants like formaldehyde in the eyelash glue. Glues made with butylcyanoacrylate and octylcyanoacrylate are ideal because they're flexible when dry, odourless, and generally "less toxic" to the eye than alternatives, according to Dr. Al-Mohtaseb, but you're still talking about chemicals near your eyes. It's no wonder the American Academy of Ophthalmology frowns upon extensions in the first place. Besides the bacterial infection I picked up, extensions also put you at risk of conjunctival erosion damage to the membrane that covers your eyeball from the eyelid-fixing tapes used during application.

If you do experience any abnormal symptoms, it's smart to return to your salon to get the lashes removed.

But eyelasu demographic-maintenance fun doesn't have there. I still care selfie-ready every second of my husband, and still feel far stellar whether I've rest rolled out of bed or supervising back from a run.

After you get extensions, your natural lashes will always seem much shorter to you Akai says extensions shouldn't cause lash breakage, so long eeylash your technician doesn't overload fragile lashes with extensions that are too heavy. That said, when I got Boytom first set removed before replacement and asked to see my natural lashes, I couldn't believe how much shorter they appeared relative to the XXL ones I'd been seeing in the mirror. No one knows whether frequent application of eyelash extensions causes permanent damage When I asked Dr. Al-Mohtaseb about this, she didn't exactly reassure me. You'll probably be addicted to extensions despite the cost, inconvenience, and icky risks The last time I got my extensions touched up, I had to see two doctors, buy antibiotic eye drops, deal with a week's worth of itchy eyes, and work from home for two days to avoid spreading my infection.

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