Bottom aligned div

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Aligning an element to the bottom of its container

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Anyway, getting your content correctly aligned, pretty and basically awesome isn't an easy chore in CSS. If your text has more than one line, the line height will be multiplied by the number of lines you have.

Aligned div Bottom

The CSS vertical align property Blttom smoothly with tables, but not with divs or any other elements. It might not have gone exactly like this. When you use it in a div, it aligns the element alongside the other divs and not the content — which is what we usually want. Why does this work with the table layout and not with div elements? Oh, if only it were that simple This position keeps the flow order of the document. Maybe, just maybe, I've embellished the tale. And he was my co-worker.

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Some properties like top and z-index only work if the element has a position not static. You see, my colleague Dov — the bulky, bearded guy — is a self-confessed CSS dummy. But I felt bad for the poor bastard. The rainy Monday washed Sunday away. I've seen enough people struggling with it, and I keep spotting some "critical" errors in the wild, when it comes to true responsive design.

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