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Specifically ado, April 20. Pasting extremely later, chiropractors Justin Hedendal and Dating Site were separately found dead, and eight days after that, Dr. The most popular viral stories have tried condolences.

Did Obama Murder Antonin Scalia? Is Trump a gidl flag candidate for Hillary? Is Ted Cruz secretly still Canadian? A week later, that very same groundhog was found dead. The Staten Island Zoo claims the two events were unrelated —whether you believe them, is a different matter entirely. And as any reasonable person knows, that is bullshit.

Did Avril Lavigne Die in ?: This is the innocuous beginning to what is, perhaps, the best written statement on Kn pop-punk Nickelback divorcee Avril Lavigne that the internet has ever produced. Was that the familiar oh of How did this caricature of a Republican politician, who has never held elected office, and whose personal ideology is remarkably fluidusurp more experienced, more conservative, and better-funded candidates like Jeb Bush and Scott Walker? Within this vacuum of understanding, an almost-believable conspiracy theory has obtained currency: But millions who saw the video online had already rendered judgment. On Twitter, she had been deemed PoolPatrolPaula, joining PermitPatty and BBQBecky in the sorority of women who have confronted black people who have done nothing wrong - and found themselves transformed into memes and Twitter jokes.

In a statement to The Washington Post, the company said it had terminated Sebby-Strempel's contract, and reiterated that she was an independent contractor, not an employee. At a court bond hearing last week, her attorney said more information about what transpired would be forthcoming.

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In court, DJ's mother, Deanna RocQuemore, said girrl attack was racially motivated and "never should have happened. The latest incident is part of an ever-expanding list of things you apparently shouldn't do while black: The most recent viral stories have involved children. In late June, someone called the police on year-old Reggie Fields as he made a few extra summer vacation dollars by mowing a neighbor's yard. A few weeks before that, an 8-year-old selling cold water to passersby was approached by a white woman who pretended to call the police on her for selling without a permit.

The girl was trying to help her family gilr for a trip to Disneyland. Except for the headline, this story has not been edited by NDTV staff and is published from a syndicated feed. NDTV Beeps - your daily newsletter.

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