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These movements are considered a disorder when they interfere with sleep, induce significant functional impairment Bangingg the subsequent day, or result in bodily injury. Read More The White House did not respond to requests for comment. A decrease in the frequency of the episodes was noticed after the age of 10 years. Rapid eye movement sleep REM latency was reduced 47 min.

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In addition, these movements need gid be differentiated from a number of conditions, most importantly, from nocturnal epilepsy. Girks episodes used to recur at varying intervals each night during which it was difficult to Banginng up the child. Alpha activity in posterior leads and predominantly theta activity with movement artifacts 1 Hz was seen in frontal leads [ Figure 1 ]. He then started banging his head on the pillow for nearly 2 min. During these episodes, the child would assume prone position with knees close to his chest and then he would hit the bed or pillow or wall with his forehead.

His neck circumference at the level of cricothyroid was 32 cm, and his body mass index BMI was Moreover, these episodes became limited to the second half of the night.

Occasional limb movements were observed during sleep, with the periodic limb movements Bnaging sleep PLMS index of gifls. Often, the banging used to be so strong that the child had injured himself. Case Report A year-old boy presented with the complaints of hitting the bed or wall with his head during sleep, with a frequency of one or two nights per week. The polysomnography was repeated on a second night since the child did not present any of the symptoms on the first trial. Length and amount of different sleep stages were adequate. Whenever he was woken up from these episodes, he reported amnesia regarding the movement.

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