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2010 Nightlife Guide

The Pigment Fate The petrology wine standing and down-defying happy-hour prices make this Thing Work cafe hard to meeting up. They license, "We em it here. Admission an awesome wine middle and talented chef, we can't go but free why Rosina didn't do this means ago.

Those in the purple and black explode when Anquan Boldin scores a touchdown. Baltimore adult nite clubs quarter, fourth bar: As the Ravens and Pats slug it out in overtime, the crowd is intense. When New England nails the game-winning field goal, the depressed faithful head for the exit. Bring the night home! Get Old Bay wings to go Looney's offers carry-out, and their kitchen stays open until 1 a. We recommend the tangy Old Bay wings. City Limits Sports Bar Light is minimal, the bartenders wear smiles, and the beer is cold. Fort Avenue,citylimitssportsbar.

Padonia Road,padoniastation. Dance Clubs Clubs where flashing lights, pulsing beats, and nonstop partying are standard. Spotlight on The Get Down Occupying what was once rock club Fletcher's, The Get Down is a full-fledged dance club, something this area has lacked since, perhaps, the closing of Club Gone is the downstairs pool table area, which is now a dance floor girded by swanky lounge seating. The rear lounge remains, but has gotten a similarly futuristic renovation. And what was once the upstairs live music stage is now quite literally nothing—the floor has been removed to open up a cavernous two-story open space, dominated on the main wall by an enormous array of multicolored lights that produce a mesmerizing show.

On the second floor, revelers can take a clubz from getting down by looking out onto the main floor below. As one might expect, things don't get going until later in the night, but The Get Down valiantly combats this with arguably the best overall happy-hour deal in Nitee Point—half-price drinks nte p. During this time, there is also no cover charge, but even after it gets busy, the cover can usually be circumvented by Balgimore their e-mail list or finding them on Facebook. The music here varies, depending on the adulr theme audlt DJs who include visiting national names Bzltimore well as local spinnersranging from straight house to funk, hip-hop, and break beats.

Though it can get massively packed, the crowd here is generally well-behaved and, on slower nights, Baltimorf place adjlt be downright relaxing, adding to the overall upscale feel. Bond Street,getdownbaltimore. He also recommends starting the dance party with familiar songs and getting gradually more out there. Similar Scenes Sonar A cavernous warehouse space that is divided into three rooms——a huge main stage that attracts national acts, a smaller lounge aka The Talking Head that hosts indie bands and local talent, and a large club area, where the DJ is lord.

Saratoga Street,sonarbaltimore. Mist Mist is a big-box-type dance club with a pretty swank interior, some lounging areas, and bottle service that has attracted celebrities like the Black Eyed Peas and Michael Phelps. Expect a cover charge, but drink prices are as decent as the pours. The Hippo A veritable pillar of both the Baltimore dance and gay scenes, The Hippo has pool tables, a bar upfront, and a huge dance floor and stage in back. Expect reasonable drink prices and wacky theme nights. Eager Street,clubhippo. Aqua Though perhaps a strange concept, on weekends, the pool area of Canton's Merritt Athletic Club becomes a posh nightclub, adorned with white drapery and comfy chairs.

Drinks are pricey, and beautiful people abound. Live Music Gems Watch jazz, blues, rock, or anything your heart desires inside these live music venues. Spotlight on The 8x10 Club It's a marriage of aptly named institutions: Charles "Big Daddy" Stallings is playing The 8x10 tonight. The not-small Stallings fills the undersized but hugely loved Federal Hill club with searing guitar notes and sharp lyrics. Live music came to the 8x10 in Like every Behind the Music subject, the club's life has unfolded along a rocky road, with periods of glory where Dave Matthews Band, Nirvana, and Phish took the stage, and moments of despair when the place was silent.

The strategy next to us even got up her life getting from Joe Squared. Doggy quarter, second bar:.

Since ditching the moniker The Funk Box and returning to its roots in8x10 has reestablished itself as one of Baltimore adult nite clubs city's premier music venues. Arrive early to snag one of the best seats in the house—the stools that line the balcony of the second level. Peer down on the stage to see people boogying to whichever rock, blues, or bluegrass band is jamming that night. Space near the bars fills up quickly, but the staff labors efficiently to keep the drinks flowing. Tonight, it's the playing of Stallings and his talented saxophonist, trumpeter, and harmonica player that continue the musical legacy. Intimate in a way other venues only dream of, performers often stroll off the 8x10's stage to play in the belly of the audience.

It's not a long or strange trip. Cross Street,the8x Similar Scenes Ottobar Listen closely and you can probably hear the unrelenting punk, metal, or other band now kicking ass at the Ottobar, which has been rocking for 13 years and 12, shows. Inside is a lounge where musicians play jazz the way God or Miles and Coltrane intended. Anyone who's ever packed into a one-room club or tried to see performers at an arena knows Rams Head is the ideally sized music venue. There's not a bad spot in the place. Wine Tasting You don't have to be a wine snob to appreciate sipping reds and whites at these bars. The cozy bar and six tables scattered around the space are very inviting. Manager Katie Wallace will walk a novice drinker through the menu of wines and suggest food pairings if requested.

To make the selection process even more pleasant, the wine list is broken down into taste categories, like bubbled, full-bodied, and rich. A glass of red and a plate of citrus-infused olives start the evening splendidly. Strain freely admits, "I can tell you more about wine than you could possibly need to know. Across the bar, a married couple shares a bottle of Merlot. They enthuse, "We love it here!

Clubs nite Baltimore adult

Wine just has that affect on people. What used to be a punch line is now a reality, and, judging by the crowds, the joke Balyimore on the naysayer. Owner Wayne Laing's massive wine list and clever food menu are a welcome addition to the adultt blue-collar 'hood. Club spaces and names change with some frequency -- at the time of publication the city's best clubs could be judged in terms of size, swank and special interests or features. Friday and Saturday remain the city's major club nights, but some venues are open midweek and Sundays, too.

Check out the club's age restrictions, dress code and cover charge before you travel. Biggest Clubs If you think bigger means better, then the two best nightclubs in Baltimore were Sonar sonarbaltimore. Sonar has regular live bands and dance nights over three different stage areas, with a combined capacity of 1, people.

Adjlt club Ram's Head Live has the capacity for 2, people over 26, square feet of club space. Most Upscale Clubs Baltimore's clubs run the gamut from dive venues to upscale luxury venues. At the top of the luxury scale are clubs including Lux luxbaltimore. The Get Down is known for its swanky style and iconic interior design. Split over two levels, the club maintains an upscale yet unpretentious atmosphere. Lux is located in downtown Baltimore, near the Inner Harbor.

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