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Is it Aumt you who pays shy. She apart examined it and bet her finger over the thick legs. So, monima emerged me bath.

She then asked me if anyone was in the bathroom. I nodded,"No,not that no of"She assked me to check for her. As sure as I was,there was no one in there. She walked in the bathroom and left the door cracked open. I was still getting gifts together when I heard my Aunt Lisa call me. She haven't even gotten undressed to use the bathroom yet. She pulled up her miniskirt and revealed she wasn't wearing any panties. She called me over right before she let go and told me to look. Just by her telling me this made my dick rock hard. I leaned over and watched the stream of piss flow from her freshly shaved pussy. My dick kept growing and growing. I knew she wasn't drunk because she didn't drink.

Now I'm wondering where all this is coming from. She stood up while piss was still pouring from her beautiful pussy.

Mouth in my Aunt pissed

She finshed up and wiped and flushed the toilet. Later that evening,everyone was starting to leave. I went inside the house to wrap up a takeaway plate for the next day. Aunt Lisa came in behind me and whispered in my ear that she has been holding her piss for hours just for me. My dick jumped straight so fast that it gave me chills. So I grabbed my keys and took her home. Besides getting out and going straight to the bathroom,she went and put put on a skimpy pink pastel thong and called me to the bathroom. She asked,"You want to see what I enjoy doing when I'm alone?

She pulled the thong revealing a thick camel toe. I looked down at he panty clad pussy and she began to piss straight through her pink thong. Isaw the thong getting darker and darker from the saturation of her pee. The fabric could not contain a stream that has been held for hours and it penetrated the thong and was hitting the toilet water like buckshot. Oh my what a beautiful site. I didn't know watching a woman piss would turn me on especially when they piss through their panties. The shape Aunt pissed in my mouth the bush was neat and triangular; mom's bush was a bit unwieldy. She had a clear line of hair joining her bush to the belly button. Her belly button was not as deep as mom's.

Her body dazzled because of the sharp contrast of jet black body hair and ivory coloured skin. Her hips were not as large as mom's, but still quite heavy and beautifully curved. Her waist was quite narrow and it gave her a lovely hourglass shape. Her back had a distinct canal like line along her spine and that enhanced the beauty of her back. As I was pining to touch her body and thinking of an excuse, she came close to me. Now she was looking quite excited. Softly holding my cock in her hand she asked in a husky voice, "Has any woman, other than your mom, seen it?

Even as your aunt I am shamelessly wanting to possess it" "Tai jonyoi tui janishna meyeder kachhe er akorshon kotota. Tor mashi hoyeo ami nirlojjer moto etake pete chaichhi" Saying this, she knelt down and placed her both hands under my crotch and lifted it along with the balls. She closely examined it and moved her finger over the thick veins. She opened the foreskin and exposed the pink head. She kissed it as if it was something highly precious. I lifted her up and holding her face close to mine I said, "Monima, your body is also extremely attractive to me. Monima now kissed my lips and I parted my lips to accommodate her tongue in my mouth.

Our tongues moved in unison and my hands explored her back and bum. I parted her bum cheeks and moved my finger in her crack. I was amazed that there was so much hair in her asshole. As the kiss ended, my body was on fire, and I started kissing her body. The sensuality of the silky hair on soft skin made me wild and I started licking her armpits like mad. I sucked and even bit her in the armpits. While she moaned loudly, her hands pulled my hair and she pressed her crotch on mine. I bent further down and licked her boobs all over and sucked on her long nipples.

I pressed her other boob at the same time. She pressed my hand on her other boob and screamed, "Harder, Ronnie, harder, press as hard as you can" "Aro jore, Ronnie, aro jore, joto jore parish tep". Holding my head on her boob, she yelled, "Bite, bite, tear it off. I bent further down and started exploring her body with my tongue. I reached her erotic zone and put my face in the dense jungle. There was a lovely smell of perfume there. As I searched through the hair I found her very wet pussy lips. I smelled inside and this time the smell was very different. It was very exciting.

Now monima pressed my head with her hands and said in an excited voice, "Suck me with your tongue, eat me! As I moved my tongue excitedly I found a soft piece of flesh throbbing under my tongue. Monima screamed, "Lick harder, chew thing with your teeth. She rode me and placed her pussy on my towering shaft. While she stroked me wildly, my cock couldn't hold the excitement and it spurted shots of warm liquid. As shots of liquid came out endlessly, monima continued her strokes but my shaft started getting soft and it came out. I felt great pleasure but realised that monima was disappointed as she yelled, "Oh my god, what have you done!

She got up, squatted on the floor and inserted her finger in her pussy. She held my hand with her free hand and made me insert my finger in her pussy too. I moved my finger as fast as I could and watched monima enjoying the pleasure with her eyes closed. She started shaking and "ah, ah" sound started coming out of her quivering lips. Her lips attracted me and bending down, I kissed her awfully sexy lips.

I moreover resist muoth you are ways bad as I didn't have a case. The sociopath of the fatal was only and hungry; mom's bush was a bit tricky.

This kiss was very different as she was now shaking and her mouth was wet with saliva. M she was shaking so strongly that my lips got disengaged from her. She made a long "ahhhh After a while, we got up and I kissed her on her cheeks saying, "Sorry, monima. What could you do? So much sperm was stored inside mouthh and this is your first time. How could you hold it too long? Bhetore otokhani sperm jomechhilo ar tachhara eta tor prothom bar. Khub beshi somoy dhore rakhbi ki kore? I really appreciate that you are feeling bad as I didn't have a climax. Most men don't even think about women's pleasure. Maintain this concern all your life my child. Amar khub bhalo lagchhe je, amar climax holona dekhe tor kharap lagchhe.

Beshir bhag byata chhele meyeder pleasure er kotha bhebeo dekhena. Ei bhabna ta sara jibon dhore rachis. We came out naked and before we dressed up monima dabbed cologne and sprinkled talc on my body. As I saw her naked body in the mirror I felt excited again, but controlled myself. After so many days, monima made me wear my undergarments. After dressing up, we ate lunch. After a long time I ate on the dining table.

The ploy had of course been to get her drinking to make her need the loo. I figured I had at least two hours before my parents got back, but as she was going upstairs I wondered whether she might actually need to go now. As she disappeared into her room I loitered at the bottom of the stairs. She emerged after about two minutes with a change to a black stretch halter top and a bright lemon skirt just above the knee, and yes; she walked across the landing into the bathroom. I slipped off my shoes and silently sprang upstairs, two at a time and pressed my ear to the bathroom door, listening intently for a telltale rustle of the skirt and hopefully the tinkling sound of her pee.

My heart pounded as I pushed my right hand Anut the front of my jeans and strained my ear. There was still no sound. She had the sort of Ajnt you see on candid camera when someone pops their head out of Auht wheelie bin! Her legs turned ky jelly and she just squealed. The fact that I was perving at the bathroom door was left unsaid, but she knew all right. Her body language was all indignant annoyance and at last she spoke up. I was well and truly busted. I now had the choice of whether to continue the ridiculous charade or come clean and apologise.

My ignominy was complete. I blushed and said nothing. But my contrition had calmed her a little. She picked up her cold bottle from the fridge, snapped off the top and took a long pull. She cocked her head to the side and looked at me with an inquisitive expression. Although calmer than she had been at first, there was no letting up on the horrible awkwardness and we sat in silence for quite some time.

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