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Medical Care

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These are our values, services and people who serve. Like the KMP, the CMP is providing a customer representative to guide patients when they first arrive at Holy Name, as well as Chinese cuisine, television stations and newspapers. Healthh have stretched to come to a new land with different customs, rules and tongues. These efforts ultimately resulted in the creation of Family Care, a new health insurance plan offered to all Alameda County residents regardless of immigration status. In addition to having Korean-speaking customer representatives, the Medical Center also offers Korean cuisine on the hospital menu, Korean television channels and newspapers in patients' rooms, and bilingual drivers to transport elderly people from their homes to Holy Name.

Health service Asian

Join our journey, make a difference. Offering medical services in patients' native language along with these cultural comforts has made patients feel more comfortable at the Medical Center, inspired them to undergo preventive screenings and helped Assian to be more proactive in maintaining their health. Spurred by the success of the KMP, hospital administrators and physicians launched the Chinese Medical Program CMP in in response to the rapidly growing Chinese population, which swelled by 34 percent statewide between and By personalizing care, AHS engenders trust and a sense of security, making patients feel at home in "their" hospital, Holy Name Medical Center.

And many are often encumbered by Asian cultural pride which does not wish to admit weakness or ask for help.

We understand the cultural nuances and languages which offer servce safety from which one can build trust, strength and resilience. AHS again collaborated with local community based organizations to advocate for immigrant rights and health care reform. Our norm is something they must cope with, and what we find difficult may be a hill too steep.

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