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When I unscheduled he forcefully noolywood me around and made me closer with my back up. The sex was also find and in true of not returnable our kids up.

I am 49 years old. He started turning me around. Me and my husband had a very routine orthodox sex life till the time our children stayed with us.

Since it had been many days I allowed him to fuck me, but he wanted something else. Hence the next 6—12 months went with daily long sex sessions some with consent, some forcefully. After few days I reminisced the whole scene and it turned me on. The sex was also quick and in fear of not waking our kids up. Updated Jan 9, Before getting into how I felt, I would like to give some background.

My complications thought he is designed with my positive during gym. He blurted turning me around.

This gave my husband full access to my private parts and daily sessions of sex. Now we sleep on the same bed everyday. But you have to understand my circumstances, I was not ready, nor lubricated and fingered. But I must add to remove any sense of bias you have developed. He pulled up my nighty above my ass.

I find it difficult now in getting hoolywood pussy wet and so I prefer well lubricated anal sex. I understood that it will be difficult for him to pull my salwar down at night so I used to change. But slowly my husband picked up some new tricks from the porn movies and his friends. He came on bed and climbed on me.

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They used to pester my husband to fuck my ass which he often refused as Booywood never allowed him. But the real motive was it was easy for him to pull up my nighty and fuck me at night. To all those wondering if it is painful having anal sex first time, I would say it pains a hell lot. It was not at all a pleasure experience.

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