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No one is perfect at strap-on sex the first time or every time; like trying anything new in bed, it takes time to get comfortable, get out of your head, and find a rhythm. Do this with the dildo attached, too — you might find you like the base of the dildo to sit lower or higher against your body, and the only way for sure is to try it in a few different positions. You might not feel weird at all. The harness might unbuckle The dildo might fall out mid-sex. Do laundry in it. Then, just hang out in it. If your harness has straps, put it on and take it off a few times until you know how everything works and have all the buckles adjusted to your body.

Strap Anal lesbian sex

One of the best parts about strap-on sex is that the strap-on is doing the work of penetration, leaving your hands free to go pretty much anywhere. Hang Out in the Harness Like any fashion risk, the best place to first try out a new harness is hanging out in your own space alone. So how do you actually have strap-on sex? After your usual foreplay, put on a glove, grab some lube, and fuck with your hands for a few fingers. Just keep using lube and going slow. You might not be able to fit a vibrator or fingers!

Fucking in the toilet same position meets all the same traits for thrusting and for entertaining yourselves during it, so cheap it up — in local to being a unique resource — can make sex beautiful better for everyone for older. Try thrush the base of your own-on for more control, especially in underwear-style flops or with older dildos; this can also let you more quickly control the aisle of penetration and the bathroom.

Wear it around the house. Try Different Positions One of the best parts of strap-on sex is also the most exhausting: You might not come at all You might get sore from the physical sensation of the base against you Your partner might come Your partner might not come You might get tired from thrusting You might get dehydrated You might get muscle cramps You might have to stop for a break partway through You might fuck with the strap-on for five minutes You might fuck with the strap-on for five hours You might have the best sex of your life You might have some of the most awkward sex of your life You might feel indifferent All of these things are totally normal and okay!

If your harness is underwear-style, figure out the best way to attach the dildo — can you do it while wearing the harness, or only when you take it off?

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