Amateur radio super station

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The 4O3A Super Station

Quite discreetly from difficult palm and emotionally winds,this edifice is looking to be helpful by lightning. We lovely it up and were picked to find a trip in Norway right away.

Spaced exactly one wavelength apart on supwr tower, they can be operated either individually or in various phased combinations. Each antenna has its own separate ring rotator. With a total of 24 elements in phase, the array sounds like a watt linear, even when running only watts. Tim Amatekr multiple Yagi's on all bands from 40 through 6 meters however most of his favorite and challenging operating is done on the lower bands with vertical arrays. Looking up from the ground you get an idea of just how much is going on up there. This is the base of one of the towers showing all of the switching and control circuits.

This picture shows how the scale of the tower distorts your perspective. At the very top is a full sized, foot, 80 meter dipole. Below that is a 20 meter monoband Yagi. It's worth noting that all of the antennas are monobanders and that there are multiple choices for every band. SWR is never a problem as each antenna is specifically tuned to provide less than 1.

Radio station Amateur super

At first glance, this looks like a tower that is statjon construction. What it is, however, is a full sized M vertical Yagi antenna. The center tower is the radiator driven element and it is surrounded by 4 vertical "T" wires that can be switched in and out to provide reflectors and directors in 4 directions. This picture was altered to highlight the vertical T-wires of the meter vertical Yagi.

Note the shorting relay boxes at the base of each wire, used to direct the beam. Base sfation the M vertical. The radial system is also quite massive and uses over 20, feet of tinned copper wire that is soldered to the main connector ring, shown above. This is a 20 meter directional receiving array. Tim has arrays like this for all bands, meters.

Let's have a look inside the shack. In the large DX contests, these large stations are in a separate category. Four times per year, Tim invites radip dozen or so of the best contest operators from around the world to join him in his shack to work the contests and have fun. The K3LR station has an impressive track record of success, having won 1 in the USA an impressive number of DX contests in the multi multi category, especially since Tim has hosted over different contest operators during the 22 years they have competed in Multi Multi.

The Bay of Kotor in Montenegro is visited by thousands of tourists every year.

In heavily recognized by ICOM, there is no paid advertising whatsoever. This picture shows how the history of the tower umbrellas your life.

Most likely, very few of them realize that the antenna towers visible at the top of the hill at the entrance to the bay are Amaheur part of an amateur radio installation. For some years now, the station of Ranko Boca 4O3A has been a new landmark forming part of this natural wonder. Ranko started building his extreme station from scratch more than ten years ago. He statuon returned home after the Balkan War and resumed his business and amateur radio activities. Montenegro was still tied to Serbia and Ranko used the callsign YT6A, but in the middle of this region declared independence and consequently the callsign prefix 4O was assigned to this tiny Balkan republic of around 14, sq.

Reaching the station located at nearly m a. Ranko has recently started flying a small helicopter instead of driving the long, bumpy and steep road. Choosing this location was a bold step, but his vision and desire to create something unique overcame common sense considerations. The summit has been used as a military observation point for centuries, overlooking the Adriatic Sea on the west and the bay on the east. Quite apart from difficult access and strong winds,this location is prone to be struck by lightning. Ranko began thinking about a competitive station at the end of s.

The civil war was imminent and when it was over, he first went on a reconnaissance and guest-operated from some contest sites in the West Indies and the Mediterranean.

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