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Here are 15 of the most memorable moments of Milxno on Charmed and how she was clearly everyone's favorite Charmed One. Kn starts out with Phoebe charmee spent years away from her sisters traveling and only coming jilano after their grandma dies. Seeing them coming, she wipes her bike out in front of them, taking a trip to the hospital to save her first innocents. Milano had the role well in hand from the start and showing her nice style which would make Phoebe a key reason to watch the show. But she managed to make episodes fun even when she was playing much younger than her sexy age.

This leads to a hysterical scene of them acting up at P3 with bad singing and giggling and Piper forced to treat them like kids until the dust wears off. Worried about the bickering of the sisters, Grams tries to use a spell to stop it but it backfires and turns the girls into bickering teenagers. It takes Grams, their dad and the spirit of their mother to break the spell but both episodes show how Milano makes even being a kid look funny.

During a fight in the middle of a trial, Piper uses her powers to freeze everyone in chqrmed courtroom milao witches and demons. The sisters fight the demons in human form outsideā€¦at which point, Cole suddenly starts moving among the frozen crowd. He then uses powers to fry a demon before returning to make himself appear human once more. Over a century and a half years old, he saw seducing Phoebe as the best way to get at the Sisters. Soon, Cole and Phoebe were a couple with some very steamy hookups and the chemistry between them fantastic.

To keep his cover, Cole helped the sisters out before they finally figured out what he really was. This led to Phoebe getting Cole to a cemetery, ready to use a potion to destroy him. It was the beginning of a very complex romance that seemed to go well but ended in a lot of heartache. It opens with Phoebe convincing the girls to use their powers to teach a lesson to a troublesome neighbor. Phoebe is then hit with a premonition of herself burned at the stake. Casting a spell to figure this out, the girls find themselves whisked into a future where magic is not only publicly known but witches are hunted down. Piper and Leo have a daughter but are divorced.

Prue owns her own business but has turned into the very sort of arrogant millionaire she hates. And Phoebe is in jail facing execution for using her powers to kill a man. Piper and Prue are worried to realize their future selves had indulged in charme for their own gain. Leo says Phoebe milsno to die for the greater Alyasa but her sisters are ready to break her out. However, Phoebe tells them that Leo was right; she crossed the line and has to pay or Alhssa witches will suffer in a hunt. Realizing she means it, the sisters hug her and then watch as Phoebe is set on fire. It was a key episode as the sisters realize the nakde of magic and Phoebe seeing her dark side on display.

He kidnaps Phoebe and does the possession on her. This leads to Charme providing one of her hottest moments of the series by donning an Egyptian harem outfit for a belly dance. They do end up helping the witches out and in a hilarious bit, Phoebe realized that the entire broomstick thing was begun by her using one to escape being hanged. However, it gets more dramatic when Phoebe is kidnapped by the demonic Seer and taken away. The Seer absorbs it only to be overwhelmed by the power, allowing the sister to defeat her. While happy in some ways, Phoebe clearly does regret not being able to have a child of her own and hoping for another shot down the road.

It was a good episode that gave Milano comedy but also showed her heart too. When my little brother was 12 years old, he typed my name into a search engine and all these porn sites came up. It upset him, it really did. And for so many reasons, it didn't seem right. I'm not ashamed of the nudity I've done; it wasn't about that. We had 12 lawsuits, all of which were settled outside of court. So I came up with the idea of starting an entertainment-industry-driven search engine. I'm very proud of it. I felt like a pioneer because nobody had taken that into their own hands. Celebrities hadn't been doing anything about it.

What was the worst abuse of your image? Had anyone put your head on a spread-eagled nude? Yes, but the worst thing was that they took my head from Teen Steam when I was doing leg lifts and they put a little girl's naked body on it. It was so upsetting. That's when I thought it was getting to be sick. You had a massive recording career in Japan. How did that happen? In a totally bizarre way. When I was 15, Commando was shown there. It was the first time Japan had ever seen me, and fans started writing in to magazines asking, "Who is this girl? A record-company exec saw that, assumed I could sing and gave me a five-album contract.

It was so bizarre I had to do it. Can you speak Japanese? Just "hello" and "I am Alyssa Milano. No, it was total bubble-gum pop. Why haven't you tried to launch a pop career in the US? First of all, because actors and actresses are not taken seriously, and secondly, it would be another excuse for everybody to give me shit. You did some saucy commercials for Candies, and your co-star was a man with a goatee. Is there any excuse for exotic facial furniture? Come on, I like weird facial hair. Would you date a man with a beard? Yes, although I've never dated anyone with a mustache. The Candies print ads were banned by Seventeen and Teen People magazines.

Do you understand that censorship?

I can't even worse at you. Innovator of all, because retailers and inspections are not let seriously, and efficiently, it would be another diner for everybody to give me he.

What harm could seeing you in your undies do to a teenager? It was maked to do with the condoms Apyssa the bathroom cabinet, and what really upset me about it was that The WB was quoted as saying they didn't promote condom use, which is the most irresponsible thing. I think they were trying to say, "We don't agree with premarital sex," but that was offensive to me. Your former TV dad, Tony Danza, was quoted as saying he worried about you when you appeared nude in a nakwd. Does he still think he's your charemd He does think of me as a daughter, totally. He still calls me all the time. Do you have a nudity policy or any kind of rules as to how far you'll go in sex scenes?

I do now, because it's been so taken advantage of. I have major clauses in my contract saying if I choose to do nudity, I have editing and angle approval or I won't do it. The production companies own those rolls of film, and they need to back us up a little bit more, or it'll wind up that no one wants to do nudity. It seems to be going that way already. You seem to have a relaxed attitude about getting naked. Yes, well, it's not normal in America. You can look at a naked body, and to me, there's something very natural and beautiful.

That's why I garden topless. I'll be in my garden, you know, just being natural. Have you ever had to phone your parents and warn them, "Don't look at page 36," or, "Blink at minute 72"? No, they've seen every single thing and there's never been any embarrassment. They look at it as part of what I do for a living. It's not like my dad would say, "Boy, in that love scene you were great. He knows it doesn't make me a bad person, you know? Do you miss the rock-star life? They were not your typical rock stars. I mean, they took Dramamine on the tour bus.

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It was like, "Guys, aren't you supposed to be doing coke or something? There was no partying or girls. I expected it to be so much darker and seedier than it was. Do you like being a single girl again? I just feel a bit ridiculous like, "Of course! The actress marries the rock star and it lasts 11 months! I was so pissed at that. Are you ready to start dating yet? No, I'm not going to put the effort into it that I used to. I am really good at being alone. But if next week I decide I need to be with someone, I will pursue that. Have you had to fight people off since your separation?

No, because I haven't left my house! I'm not out there enough for people to be hitting on me.

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