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Keep watching and listening. Then I told him that his rudeness would come back to haunt him. Willmington, RaleighRaleigh In one visit, I had with 7 men, in booths, in theatres and once in the hallway, still hard thinking about it. I told him that I would be back and he yelled that I would not.

All types, the attendant was hot. Another cruiser gives us an update: Arcade has about twelve booths with viewing windows and another six private booths. The downside is that they The place is complete and clean, but the attendant walks into the back constantly and there is not sitting in your car outside. Even if you are using your cell phone, they w I waited and waited and heard nothing else. You will probably see me as I plan to pickett this location as often as I have a chance to. I entered the building, entered a booth and before I had time to even think about inserting money into the machine I heard and felt a terrible THUD against the outside of the door.

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So that was my experience at this horrible store. Excellent video players, with clear pictures and easy touch-screen buttons for changing channels. Videos are pretty desent with plen I continued my search for my money and finally found a twenty dollar bill so I placed it into the machine and then another huge THUD against the door. I asked if there was a restroom there, hoping that by being nice it may spark him to find his inner kindness but no use, his reply was: HargettRaleigh There are about 50 video booths in the back.

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