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The theater must have a sign outside showing the company is licensed, whilst inside, a copy of the license must be displayed.

The source was now racks of self-rewinding VCR tape players, instead of the cumbersome projectors. But this is unusual, and outside Europe unknown. Still, a system required a certain amount of maintenance — breakdowns needed to be repaired, and there were a lot of things to break — which implied good management. It was one film per booth, no choice after entering. Non-commercial sexual activities by and amongst clients would not require an additional license, but prostitution on-premises would require an additional prostitution company license. There are approximately sixty adult movie theaters in the Netherlands.

In my origin they tyeater also male. Sometimes these sites are arranged in a time-like fashion. Amber Translators[ article ] The most erotic girls in the U.

They are almost always attached to a sex shop or an adult book storewhere magazines, movies, and sexual aids are sold. In their origin they were exclusively male. Sometimes the booths have paper towels and a wastebasket. That second person, who wishes to have oral sex performed on them will take the adjoining booth and normally remain standing. An advertisement of the company should contain its license number.

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Often, erotic theatres have been forced to move to the outskirts of cities in order to protect real estate prices in city centers. Fixtures[ edit ] It is possible for arcades in Europe to have two-person booths, where the seating accommodates a pair sitting together. They may have windows so "buddies" may watch each other masturbate. New video systems operate with computers and provide a selection of several thousand movies.

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